The Inventors Cupboard Puzzle

Review: Ravensburger The Inventor’s Cupboard 1000 piece jigsaw

I really enjoy Colin Thompson puzzles – his illustrations are fantastical and amusing, and I am a fan of his Curious Cupboards illustrations in particular. I used to haue an iPad case with his bookshelf illustration and loved it. This puzzle is the 5th in the series and I really liked putting it together.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger The Inventor’s Cupboard 1000 piece jigsaw”

Ravensburger Horsing Around

Review: Ravensburger Horsing Around jigsaw (Selfies No.1)

As regular readers know, I love a good jigsaw. I find them challenging yet relaxing, and putting that final piece into place is oh so satisfying! Ravensburger sent me this funny Horsing Around jigsaw, the first in a new series of Selfies jigsaws, poking fun at the selfie trend that is so popular.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger Horsing Around jigsaw (Selfies No.1)”

Review: Spot a Lot Animals Storybook & Jigsaw

This gift set from Parragon Books includes both a storybook and a double sided jigsaw. The illustrations are really fun, with bright colours and amusing cartoon animals. The book is a counting book, going up from one to ten, with different species of animals on each page, that have escaped from the zoo.… Continue Reading “Review: Spot a Lot Animals Storybook & Jigsaw”

Review: Ravensburger Happy Days “Blackpool” 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

One of my most enjoyable hobbies is jigsaw puzzles. In this modern world I quite often do jigsaws on my iPad but this is something that technology just can’t ever replicate well enough for me. A well made jigsaw is a true delight and this puzzle definitely ticks that box.… Continue Reading “Review: Ravensburger Happy Days “Blackpool” 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle”