To my Daughters’ imaginary friends

Thank you.

Abby, who has stuck with us for years now; a loyal friend, always there when Georgie needs you.

Junior, a relatively recent addition to our extended family, giving Lydia a friend of her own. Abby’s little brother, we have been informed.

Always here when our girls need playmates, conjured up by active imaginations and stars of so many games.

Sleepovers, drawings, role play, stories, mealtimes, bedtimes, and conversations with thin air.

Georgie & Lydia

Whenever one, or both, of our girls needs a friend, you come to visit. Battling boredom and giving them someone to talk to. They will never need to feel lonely as long as they can call on you.

I wonder how long the magic will last. I remember whispering to invisible fairies on my primary school playground.

I’m afraid it won’t last as long as I’d like. Childhood innocence and the magic of make-believe disappear all too soon.

So, Abby and Junior, thank you. Wonderful, loyal, playful, fun friends that you are. You will always be welcome here, and may the magic last forever.

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