Review: UAG iPad Pro 9.7-inch case

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro 9.7-inch case

Price: $59.95 USD

Manufacturer’s Description: Feather-light composite construction, Impact resistant soft core, Frogskin non-slip grip, Smart Cover/Keyboard compatible, Easy access to touchscreen and ports, Adjustable and detachable stand, Apple Pencil holder, Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

Rating: (3/5 stars)


Review: I was hoping for high things from this iPad Pro case, but unfortunately it hasn’t impressed me much at all. It promises a high level of protection but I’m not sure it can live up to that.

My first impressions of this iPad Pro case were fairly positive; baring a few niggles it fit fairly well. One of the speaker holes is unfortunately covered up by the case and the openings for the various buttons and ports are a bit asymmetrical, but all are still functional. The cover secures itself with a magnetic flap which wraps around the edge of the case – not my favourite type of closure but quite secure.

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

When you close the case, it puts the iPad to sleep for you which is always useful. It looks smart, too – I chose a plain black design and it looks quite funky. It adds quite a lot of bulk to such a slim device, though.

Unfortunately although the case appeared to fit around and protect the bezel of the iPad well and provide good protection against knocks and scratches, over a few weeks use I have noticed the side and bottom edges of the case pull away from the iPad a bit. This reveals the aluminium edge of the iPad beneath, and they have to be nudged back into place.

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review
UAG case next to iPad Pro in slim case

The case is designed to work with the Apple Pencil, it has a loop on the side which holds it securely and keeps it out of the way when you are using the iPad standing up on the case. However, it does not charge very easily; although the case seems to be shaped to fit the pencil into the Lightning port, it requires a wiggle in and then stretches the case a bit, leaving an annoying bump in the bezel. The other thing is that if you fold the case back on itself to hold the iPad, it traps the pencil inside the fold and makes it uneven.

The iPad case splits into two parts to allow you to remove the stand/cover part from from the case itself. Although this is a good idea in theory in practice it has caused me problems – it separates far too easily at times (I’ve dropped my iPad because of this) and is a pain to clip back into place. It should be harder to take apart than to put back together, not the other way around.

Another niggle is that despite there being several grooves for the iPad to rest in on the stand part of the case, the iPad seems to slip or fall down flat very easily whenever it is on a surface that isn’t entirely level. I use my iPad a lot on my lap in bed and to have it fall over a lot is quite annoying – especially when it falls forward, closing the case and hanging up your FaceTime call!

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

UAG iPad Pro 9.7 case review

When closed, the iPad cover doesn’t always line up perfectly with the case so I don’t feel like the screen is as protected as it could be; it would be quite easy for something to slip in between the case and the cover if it was in my bag.

Although there are a fair few things I don’t like about this case, it definitely has it’s plus points too. The corners of my iPad in particular feel very well protected, and I like the look of the case, and the texture and feel of it in my hand. The materials it is made of do seem to be very protective and not likely to be damaged easily.

I do also like the fact they have thought about Apple Pencil – I like to keep my Pencil to hand when using my iPad and this case does provide that convenience, it is just a shame it was not implemented better.

It is also compatible with the apple keyboard, which I was unable to test as I currently use a separate bluetooth keyboard.

However, at a price of almost 60 US dollars (roughly £45 at the time of writing) I think there is too much they need to improve for the price. My iPad Pro was an expensive purchase for us and I want to use it in a case that fits well, protects the device well, and doesn’t irritate me while I’m using it – unfortunately this UAG case doesn’t fit the bill.

Just 3 stars, I’m afraid.