Meet and Tweet at CBeebies Land, Alton Towers

Disclosure: We were provided with our entry tickets free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

We were invited to go along to Alton Towers on Saturday for the Cbeebies Land “Meet and Tweet” event, to meet Rosie & Raggles from Everything’s Rosie. The theme park are running the event throughout the summer, with different characters from some of the best CBeebies shows.

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There are lots of prizes to be won and all you have to do is meet the characters, and then tweet your photos using the #CbeebiesLandMT hashtag. As well as the special guest characters, Upsy Daisy & Igglepiggle will be there throughout the day.

The first thing we did when we got into the park on Saturday was to head to CBeebies Land and check the Big Fun Show Time area to see if Rosie & Raggles were about. We were in luck!

CBeebies Land

Meet and Tweet - Rosie and Raggles

Lydia loved meeting Rosie & Raggles from Everything’s Rosie! Georgie can be a little bit funny about people in costume so she hid behind James’s legs while Lydia and I had our photo taken. 

We had a great time exploring CBeebies Land next, with the girls going on almost everything – Tree Fu Tom Training Camp was first up, as the girls remembered the adventure play area from our last visit. Next up was Mr. Bloom’s Allotment – both girls adore Mr. Bloom so were delighted to help out in the allotment while he was on holiday. The staff member playing the role of Mr Bloom’s assistant was really fun and enthusiastic, and both the little Tiddlers and the big Tiddlers were laughing all the way through.

Num Tums at CBeebies Land

Next up was the Num-Tums Number-Go-Round which is one of Lydia’s absolute favourite rides in CBeebies Land. It’s a small roundabout where the children get to ride on the Num-Tums’ cars and honk the horns to trigger phrases. Simple but fun – and enough to put a huge grin on my three year old’s face.

Charlie & Lola at CBeebies Land

We decided to head back to the Big Fun Show Time area next – they have shows throughout the day and we wanted to see Hey Duggee in action as he is a big favourite in our house! The Hey Duggee Live show was great fun and Lydia was right up in the front, clapping, dancing and jumping for joy with the other kids. Georgie stayed at a safe distance from the costumed character and refused to come and meet him after the show too – she really is not as brave as her baby sister! 

We hit a bit of a bump in our day after seeing Duggee, unfortunately – as we were leaving the Show Time area Georgie asked to be carried past Rosie & Raggles. Something happened as I was walking down the ramp leaving the area though – Georgie wriggled a bit and my ankle gave way and we went flying forward. Georgie bashed her head on the edge of the paving with a nasty thud, and I landed on my left knee with all my weight.

The staff were amazing – they called Medical, got me a chair to sit in, and helped to keep Lydia entertained while Georgie and I were seen to. Accident forms were filled in, Georgie’s head was checked out, and we even got some ice cream vouchers for the girls – Lydia managed to charm them into giving them a pop badge each, too.

Get Set Go at CBeebies Land

The operator of the first ride we visited after the accident saw I was limping and asked what happened, and promptly gave us some priority passes to skip the queue at some CBeebies rides to make up for the time we lost because of the accident. It was a shame that the accident happened, but I can’t fault any of the staff one bit. All the ride operators were great about my awkwardness afterwards too; I even got let out the disabled entrance of one ride to avoid me having to deal with stairs!

We popped to X-Sector for lunch at the Fried Chicken Co, and then spent the afternoon enjoying lots more rides. First up was the In the Night Garden boat ride which both girls really enjoyed – despite it needing a bit of upkeep after being open a few years (the Ninky Nonk failed to make it’s appearance from the bush!). 

In the Night Garden Boat Ride at CBeebies Live

In the Night Garden Boat Ride at CBeebies Live

Next up was Postman Pat Parcel Post and then Lydia had her first ever go on the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure having creeped up past 0.9m since our last visit. The both enjoyed driving Postman Pat’s van, and Lydia absolutely LOVED the rollercoaster – short but very fun for little thrill seekers!

Postman Pat Parcel Post at CBeebies Land

Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure at CBeebies Land

We headed out of CBeebies Land to explore Mutiny Bay and Katanga Canyon next – with ice creams on the way! Lydia is three years old and over 0.9m now, and Georgie is over 1.1m at five years old, so they can enjoy a good selection of rides outside CBeebies Land as well. 

Ice Cream at Alton Towers

Marauder's Mayhem at Alton Towers

Lydia and her Daddy went on the mini pirate ship Heave Ho! while I took Georgie on the Marauder’s Mayhem (which I remember fondly as the tea cups from my visits as a child!) and she adored it – especially when I span the barrel as fast as I could! Next up was Katanga Canyon for the Congo River Rapids and the Runaway Mine Train. Lydia’s first go on both and both a massive hit. Georgie sat on her own on the train, and on their second go she was right up there at the front!

Congo River Rapids at Alton Towers

Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers

If you are heading to CBeebies Land with your little ones this summer, make sure you head over to the Big Fun Show Time area to check out the shows & meet some fab characters. The “Meet & Tweet” calendar is as follows:

30 July – 5 August – Everything’s Rosie (Rosie & Raggles)
6 – 12 August – Go Jetters (Glitch & Ubercorn)
13 – 16 August – Furchester Hotel (Elmo & Phoebe)
17 – 19 August – Captain Barnacles
20 – 26 August – Q Pootle 5
27 August – 2 September – Mim-Mim (from the Kate and Mim-Mim Show)

Find out more about Meet and Tweet on the Alton Towers website!

Alton Towers

Also – don’t forget to buy the donuts, they are the best!

Fresh Donuts at Alton Towers