We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!


Walker Books are celebrating 25 years of the timeless classic picture book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” this year, by having a year full of bear hunting fun. We are taking part in the celebration as part of “The Bear Hunt Blog Tour”, and 6 other fab bloggers are joining in the fun too.

We’re Going on a bear hunt
We’re going to catch a big one
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared.

I really enjoy this book from by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, which is so very wonderful to read aloud. The text flows so nicely off the tongue and the sound effects as the group of adventuring children go on their bear hunt are just delightful. Who could resist a swishy swashy, a splash splosh, or even a hoooo woooo!?

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Earlier this week, despite us all being a bit under the weather, we headed to our local park for some bear hunting fun of our own. Past the perfectly manicured grass and smooth tarmac paths there is a kind of wilderness perfect for a spot of teddy bear hide and seek.

Ignoring the mud, I plonked down our picnic rug and sat Georgie down to eat a quick energy boosting snack whilst I strung up some lovely bunting & planted 15 teddy bears around the area. Georgie closed her eyes, supposedly, while I hid the bears, but I am sure I saw a hefty amount of peeking!

After counting to three, Georgie and Lydia were off! Lydia mostly sat on the rug and played with the bears her big sister triumphantly gave threw at her, or wandered around and sat in deep muddy puddles. Georgie, however, really got into the fun and had a great time. She tried her best to help her little sister to find the smaller teddies I’d hidden within plain sight of the rug for Lydia, and was hugely entertained by hunting the bears that were sitting in trees and hiding amongst the long wet grass.

Once all fifteen teddy bears, significantly damper & muddier than they started the day, had been returned safely to the rug, we settled in for a miniature teddy bear picnic with some iced gems, while I read the gorgeous new board book of the classic tale. It is the full story with all the illustrations and text, shrunk down into a baby & toddler friendly durable board book.

The girls really enjoyed snuggling up on the rug amongst the trees, listening to the story, and cuddling their teddy bears. Georgie loves finishing the sentences for me when we read this book; “We’re going on a… bear hunt! We’re going to catch a… big one!” – this makes it so enjoyable to read together with her.

Once we had packed away the bunting, teddies & rug, we had an important task to complete. As part of the 25th celebrations, we decided to create a very special Bear Hunt geocache in the park. Geocaching is like grown up treasure hunting, using GPS co-ordinates and clues to find hidden caches. It’s free to join in the fun, and you can join in with just a GPS enabled smartphone.

We have been having loads of fun finding the perfect components for a bear themed geocache, and this is what we came up with; a bear shaped container with a top layer for the log book & pencil, and a second layer for swappable items (or treasure as it’s call in our house!).

We have left a special pin badge reward for the first person to find the cache (FTF), and my very own Cache Buddy travel bug is going to start her adventure there; Bernadette the Black Bear. We’ve hidden our bear in a dark place like the cave in the book, can you guess where it is?!


I do hope the geocaching community enjoy our cache, and that it survives any “muggles” discovering it!

Here is a little video of our adventures…

We were sent a lovely goody bag to use for our day out adventuring, with a copy of the new 25th anniversary board book & picture book editions. The books are really gorgeous with special golden touches on the front of the books.

I love this video of Michael Rosen performing We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – to find out more about the book and explore more fun things like this video, including activity sheets, why not check out the Bear Hunt anniversary website?

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