Review: Bigjigs Toys Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks (8 months on)

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Bigjigs Toys to be reviewed as part of the Play Patrol scheme. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

bigjigsProduct: Bigjigs Toys Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks

Price: £11.99

Age Range: 1 year +

Manufacturer’s Description: These brightly coloured Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks will delight your little one and provide hours of fun and learning opportunities as they create and build. Sort and stack the wooden blocks to build up a Safari scene full of your favourite animals! When play time’s over, all of the blocks can be stored away in the handy drawstring bag. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. Conforms to current European safety standards. Age 1+ years. Consists of 32 play pieces.

Rating:      (5/5 stars)


Review: We are delighted to be in the running to be selected as Play Patrol agents for the second year of the scheme… there are 21 hopefuls and we have all been sent a mission to complete; reviewing these fab Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks. The slight snag with this challenge is we reviewed them back in August, complete with a stop-motion animation video and 5 star rating. Georgie was very excited to see a new set arrive though!

I’m going to try really hard not to repeat myself too much, whilst letting you know how we have got on with these blocks over the last eight months. I’m also going to show you how much fun we’ve been having with two bags of blocks instead of the one – double the bricks is definitely at least twice the fun!

Firstly, the blocks have lasted really well – the girls have played with them loads since we first got them and the blocks are still in fantastic condition, with just a few marks on the paintwork here and there. None of the blocks have sustained more than cosmetic damage, even with Lydia teething on them now & again.

Georgie’s creations have become more recognisable over the past 8 months, and instead of just building random towers she now often builds weird and wonderful animals too. She can now name all of the colours used in the set, as well as talk about the animals and make their noises too – not just recognise them.

The little blue bag has actually been just brilliant. Even after months of play, and moving house a couple of times, we have only misplaced a few blocks – and I’m sure I’ve seen them around here somewhere! Georgie is so good at putting them all back in the bag when she is finished playing with them, and will sometimes pack and unpack the bag several times while we play.

These photos of old & new sets side by side shows their relative condition after 8 months, as well as how few are missing – and the large blue (white flower) block showed up shortly after I took these photos.

Lydia is significantly older now than when we first got these blocks, and she plays with them much more. She tries to copy her big sister and build the animals, which is very sweet. Watching them play together is great too; Georgie builds up towers and interesting creative creatures, and Lydia delights in crashing them to the ground.

Georgie and I had fun building with double the number of blocks. She loved finding the pairs of animals & matching blocks.

I made a pyramid and Georgie pretended her fingers were step-step-step-ing up and down the sides, and we also made big shaped structures. While Lydia was off napping, my little madam Georgiana got quite bossy and was ordering me to build different shapes – I was starting off the foundations and she helped me build them up. These blocks definitely help to develop & practice dexterity and balance skills… even mine 😉

Yesterday we had a lot of fun making our very own ark so that our pairs of animals could go in “two by two,” which I thought Georgie would enjoy after having such a great time finding the different matching blocks from the two sets. She insisted that the little cabin on top was occupied, so I fished out the Bigjigs character we have previously chosen to be George (their fab marketing guy) and it became “George’s Ark!”

Once the masterpiece was completed, with loading ramp and flap up deck to view inside the ship, we got stuck in playing with the blocks. Georgie loved this as a basis for imaginative play and I let her run with it – the animals climbed into the boat and off it sailed to the beach and to the shops. For some reason the tigers had to stay behind, because “they didn’t want to go.”

Here is a little video of our playtime with these blocks over the past week, with a sequel to our previous “in the jungle…” short film that made up part of our original video review mission!

I am really happy with the way these blocks have stood up to the last eight months of play, and the girls have really enjoyed them. After eight months of use, I definitely stand behind our original 5 star rating.

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  1. We love building blocks, ours are a bit plain compared to these, I love the bright colours and designs on these, much more fun

  2. We love our set too. AS I was reading your review I was thinking this is crying out for Noahs Ark play and then I scrolled down! Great minds.

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