Life Lately: January 2018

This year I’m going to incorporate my monthly minute long videos into Life Lately posts like this one… summarising what I’ve been reading, watching, playing, as well as what we’ve been doing as a family in the past month.

We’ve had horrible weather so far this year, so we have been total homebody’s and have chosen to mostly hibernate indoors. The weather at the weekends seems to have been particularly rubbish, I want to get out in the garden to tackle cutting back a load of the plants, but it keeps snowing or chucking it down, or just plain being freeeeezing! The girls love having cosy PJ days at the weekends so they haven’t been complaining too much.

I’ve been reading…

I decided to re-read the Bella Andre Sullivan family series for some light happy ending reading so I’m four or five books into that right now.

I also read Candy Kirk’s Good Hope series (and now have to wait for the next one, argh!), and well as Princess by Holly J. Martin (not the Holly Martin of the One Hundred Proposals books) and the sequel Harmony – I enjoyed both of these although they did deal with some topics I find difficult to read about for personal reasons.

I’ve been watching…

There is a new series of Death in Paradise on so James and I have been enjoying that. I miss Kris Marshall a little but I do think that Ardal O’Hanlon is doing a good job. I like the way the show works with different main cast members – a bit like Doctor Who – as it means the story can continue even when the actors are ready to move onto other projects. The early seasons of the show are on Netflix at the moment so I’ve been binging those while I work too.

Although, I do wonder who is stupid enough to go to Saint-Marie on holiday with it’s ridiculous death count.

I went to the cinema with my good friend Detta to see The Greatest Showman and absolutely loved it. We had a meal afterwards so I got a whole afternoon of child free out the house with another adult time too, woohoo! The film is spectacular and I’ve been trying to convince James to come and see it with me and the kids when the singalong version comes out, and it has also heavily influenced what…

I’ve been listening to…

Since seeing The Greatest Showman at the cinema I have been totally obsessed with the soundtrack. There isn’t a song on there I don’t like and when it finishes I just want to start again from the beginning. I find that I identify with This is Me in particular – I think anyone who has ever felt like the odd one out will get this song. It’s like an anthem for the mis-fits of society, and I’ve never really fit in anywhere.

I’ve also been listening to audiobooks as I work and when I’m having trouble dropping off at night time. I’ve worked my way through the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series, and now I’m onto the Kane Chronicles. I’ve read them all before so it doesn’t matter too much when I miss a bit because I’m reading some text or something!

I’ve been playing…

In January I mostly played Stardew Valley (slightly obsessively) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch. Stardew Valley is great fun and quite relaxing, mostly – you have a farm which you develop, but you can also explore the mines to battle creatures.

I’ve been enjoying some puzzle games on my iPhone and iPad too, there is an app called Puzzledom which is lots of puzzles in one app which is quite enjoyable as you can pick it up, solve a few puzzles, and put it down again.

Month in a Minute

As you can see, we have mostly been enjoying relaxing at home recently. The girls have been enjoying their Christmas presents a lot, the dog has been daft, and I actually managed a super long child free day – first down to London at the crack of dawn for the Toy Fair and then a late night to go see the Sons of Pitches.

Half term starts for us today so I am hoping for a really productive week sorting the house and garden out a bit, as well as some fun family time too of course! James has booked the week off so it will be nice to have him home for a few days so we can have some family outings. The girls have swimming lessons every morning Mon – Fri too which they are looking forward to.

So there you have it – my January in a nutshell. Let’s just ignore the fact we’re halfway through February already!