Review: Pixelo Neon

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Product: Pixelo Neon

Price: £21.99

Age Range: 6 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Go dotty with PIXELO! Create vibrant, colourful artwork with a twist. Choose a colouring sheet, then use your PIXELO pen to colour with incredible dotted effects! With 7 different colour markers to choose from, simply swap them in and out of your electronic pen to create magical dotted drawings. You can also use the markers as normal pens to doodle, draw and colour your sheets.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: Georgie and Lydia really enjoy crafting so they were thrilled to be sent some John Adams crafting kits, this Pixelo Neon set among them. This set lets your children try out pointillist style artwork with the help of the electronic pen tool.

Pixelo Neon Review

Pixelo Neon Review

Included in the box you get 7 colour markers, 10 colouring sheets, and the electronic pen. The idea is that you fit the a marker into the pen, and then as you hold it over your paper it moves the marker quickly up and down to create lots of dots on the paper as you move the pen around.

Pixelo Neon Review - What’s in the box

Pixelo Neon Review - Electronic Pen

Georgie and Lydia both thought that this was great fun! They enjoyed colouring in the initial 10 sheets, which are rather fabulous designs, and have since been using it with other colouring books, and as part of pictures they have drawn themselves too. We keep it in the drawer with their felt pens, so they have easy access to it.

As well as the basic dot-dot-dot effect you get with the electronic pen, you can get some different and interesting effects by angling the nib of your marker as it moves, or moving it at different speeds around your paper. Both the girls experimented with this as they were colouring in.

Pixelo Neon Review

Pixelo Neon Review

The markers that come with the kit seem quite sturdy, and of good quality. Despite being dotted onto the paper non-too-carefully by the girls, they haven’t done that annoying thing where the pen nib disappears into the barrel of the pen.

None of the markers have run out of ink yet, and when they do we could either use others we have in the house that fit (we seem to have pens of all shapes and sizes!) or John Adams actually sell a spares kit on their site for less than £3. The electronic pen is still going strong too, and it is easy to change the battery when it does eventually die – it takes a single AAA battery.

Pixelo Neon Review

Both the girls have really enjoyed this set and my only criticism is that it does seem a smidgen pricey for what you get in the box. It is an electronic gadget that you can use for so much more than the sheets you get in the box, however, unlike many craft kits where it’s a do once and then you’re done situation. We give the Pixelo Neon kit 4 stars.

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