Life Lately: September 2018

Family wise, September was a pretty quiet month – the kids were back to school and settling in with their new teachers and so on, and I was busy before, during, and after the BlogOn weekend. It was a success, if a very tiring one!

BlogOn is a Manchester based blogging conference that I help out with – I maintain the website, as well as doing a lot of the geeky stuff behind the scenes with the Toy Awards and things like the signs to direct attendees around the hotel. The conference is a lot of fun – I get to see lots of friendly and familiar faces from the blogging world and let my hair down a bit on a child free weekend.

We’ve been out conker hunting after school, and we have a new dog staying with us on a trial basis (her name is Gypsy and head over to my Instagram to see plenty of doggy spam on stories and my feed!) – if her visit goes well she’ll be living with us from now on. Lydia has already been to two birthday parties, she definitely has a busier social life than me.

I’ve been reading…

The latest Holly Martin book “Coming Home to Maple Cottage” came out in September and I read it the day it appeared on my Kindle! It is a lovely story set in Sandcastle Bay and I have been waiting to read Isla & Leo’s story since the first book in the series.

I’ve been watching…

As far as TV goes, I’ve been catching up with Nashville, and James and I started to watch Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer, which is great so far. We’re only a few episodes in but we found it hard to stop watching and get to bed!

Now TV had some fun films in September – we both enjoyed the fluff that is the new Jumanji film (I especially loved the nods to Robin Williams throughout), and the Kingsman sequel is very funny.

I watched the new Murder on the Orient Express film last week, too, and although I’m not totally sold on Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot – that moustache is just ridiculously over the top – I did enjoy the film itself. It’s been so long since I last read my way through the Poirot mysteries so I couldn’t remember whodunnit for most of the film.

I’ve been listening to…

Rather than listening to music (other than the dreaded Baby Shark) I’ve been enjoying some more audiobooks during September. I treated myself to Holly Martin’s White Cliff Bay series from Audible, and really enjoyed them.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things with work and my blog, as well as doing some jobs around the house, and have had them playing for some background noise which has been really nice. I mostly like to listen to books I’ve read before as I can pick up the thread of the story easier if I tune out for a minute or two!

If you want to try out Audible you can get a free book with this link:

I’ve been playing…

We traded some things in at Cex recently and had enough credit to get Skyrim for the Switch, so I’ve been playing that a lot over the past month. I am having a great time doing lots of random quests and getting sidetracked a lot from the main storylines to go and recover books, swords, and all sorts.

We had it for the PS3 at some point but I do prefer to play games on the Switch as I can play it handheld when I want to, as well as on the TV using the pro controller – that versatility is so good when there are four people sharing a family TV! Plus the Switch version has the DLC which I’ve never played so there is loads of new stuff to enjoy.

For casual gaming on my iPad, I’ve been enjoying some of the Conceptis logic puzzle games – Fill-a-pix in particular. I installed Pixel Cat which is a cute pixel colouring app but the amount of money they want for the premium subscription is astronomical, so I’ll be deleting it as soon as the freebies are all done.

Month in a Minute

Yes, that is my husband in a Santa Claus onesie. BlogOn is a bit weird… but wonderful.

One thought on “Life Lately: September 2018

  1. I love Killing Eve. I watched the first one and I just felt creepy by the evilness of Villanelle, but the whole thing has been pretty addictive watching. Did you watch The Bodyguard? So many of my friends have been talking about it but I decided to watch Vanity Fair instead. I will catch up with The Bodyguard at some point.
    I loved the new Jumanji, I thought it was a fun easy film to watch with the kids, it didn’t seem as scary for them as my older kids where scared by the original.
    Your girls are looking so much bigger now! Has it really been so long? And the dogs…soo cute! xx

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