Review: Aveeno Skin Care

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Aveeno to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

AveenoProduct: Aveeno Skin Care Range

Price: £6.99 for Aveeno Cream (100ml), £12.49 for Aveeno Lotion (500ml), £8.19 for Aveeno Oil (250ml) (Price at Boots, correct on day of publishing)

Age Range: 3 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: AVEENO® Bath and Shower Oil – Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal and softening oil. Thoroughly cleanses, moisturises and conditions dry and sensitive skin. AVEENO® Cream – Formulated with active colloidal oatmeal, proven to restore the skin’s natural barrier. Also suitable for babies from 3 months who may be prone to eczema. AVEENO® Lotion – Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, this easily absorbed, non-greasy lotion relieves dry and sensitive skin. Regular use provides long-lasting protection.

Rating:  (5/5 stars)


Review: Unfortunately for Georgie, she has inherited my dry skin, which means that she is already familiar with the world of eczema and all it’s trappings; flare ups, lotions, creams, and bath oils. We were offered a range of Aveeno products suitable for dry & sensitive skin to review, along with their new childrens book, “Bye Bye Dry Skin!”


We were sent some cream, lotion & bath oil to try out from the range. All of these products use “naturally active colloidal oatmeal” and they smell much nicer than most eczema lotions & potions I’ve used before (and trust me, I’ve tried a LOT).

Georgie’s skin hasn’t been too bad overall lately so we haven’t had cause to use the bath oil but a quick swish in the sink gives me a good impression. It feels more like conditioner than the slimy bath oils I’ve used in the bath, and leaves my skin feeling soft without feeling like there is still a layer of oil clinging to me. I don’t feel the urge to rinse off after bathing my hands and arms in it. I love that I can use in the shower too – this will be great for my problem areas when they flare up, as I prefer showers to baths. It smells great, too.



The cream feels light and non-greasy, and a little goes a long way. Georgie’s skin is irritating her behind her ears at the moment, so I have used it there and her hair doesn’t have that nasty greasy patch you sometimes get using cream near the hairline.

I used some of the cream on my hands and it left them feeling really hydrated and soft, and soaked in really well. There is nothing I hate more than a skin cream leaving a feeling of residue on the skin, but with this cream I just feel really moisturised and clean.

The lotion is like a lighter, thinner, version of the cream and ideal for all over body moisturisation. Whenever her skin was feeling a little bit dry I would probably use this every bath night on Georgie, after her bath, and then just use the cream on the worst areas. 

I am going to start using the lotion, concentrating on my problem areas, after every bath and shower, to keep my skin feeling soft & moisturised – and hopefully reduce the number of eczema flare ups I get.

Aveeno have produced a book called “Bye Bye Dry Skin!” which is a tale about Ellie, who has eczema, and her pet Gecko Eddie who shares her dry skin problem. They encounter an itchy woolly jumper (clothes that irritate my skin = bane of my life!), a hot sweaty greenhouse, and so on.

Ellie takes a bath with her special oil in, then has her “special bedtime cream” along with a little rhyme about putting it on. It’s a good book to explain dry skin conditions to a child and stop them feeling abnormal, and Georgie liked the colouring page at the end. We had a little chat about Ellie being like Georgie with itchy skin and needing creams. You can download the book here.

Georgie is pretty good about her eczema – she knows at bedtime to ask for her “excellent cream” (she can never remember the word eczema!) if her is bothering her. We will be keeping our arsenal of Aveeno products close to hand upstairs.

5 stars for this lovely range of skin care products. You can request a sample free here.

Some tips to help deal with a child with eczema: 

  • Avoid stiff collars/clothes that might irritate the skin – keep their condition in mind when you’re shopping for clothes. I had a doctors note for school to say I was allowed to wear polo shirts all year around!
  • Make sure they aren’t getting too sweaty with layers of clothing as this will irritate their skin.
  • Try to make putting their cream on fun – get them involved and teach them to do it themselves. If you have siblings encourage them to slather each other!
  • If you have problems with them scratching in their sleep, pop a pair of socks over their hands before they go to sleep.
  • Keep their fingernails trimmed short so if they do scratch, it won’t irritate the skin as much.
  • Try altering their diet to see if it changes their skin condition – personally if I have too much dairy my skin flares up, and has done since I was a toddler.
  • For very young babies, treat dry skin with olive oil. It does a brilliant job on dry skin.
  • Pay especial attention to stress points – behind the knee, inside the email, behind the ear & the neck – when applying cream. These are likely to be the worst patches during a flare up.