Review: Big Game Hunters Butterbee Cottage Dolls House & Sweetbee Furniture

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Big Game Hunters to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Big Game Hunters2Product: Big Game Hunters Butterbee Cottage Dolls House & Sweetie Furniture

Price: £100 RRP (currently £74.99) for the Dolls House, £19.99 RRP (currently £14.99) for each of the furniture sets (also available in sets of 3 rooms for a better value price)

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Butterbee Cottage is a beautifully painted wooden dolls house with three spacious floors including a fun attic area, and even includes pretty fabric curtains. The large opening front panels include opening window shutters with beautiful heart details and hand-painted flower motifs. The front door will give the dolls a warm welcome with a pretty scalloped porch roof and there’s even a letter box so the dolls can collect their post!

The Sweetbee Master Bedroom Furniture set includes lots of beautiful wooden accessories to make an exciting dolls house bedroom. The large double wardrobe includes lots of storage space and even comes with wooden clothes hangers so the dolls can have lots of fun hanging their clothes up! Also included is a double bed with a soft duvet and pillows, bedside tables with lamps, and there’s even a dressing table with a matching stool.

The Sweetbee Living Room Furniture set includes lots of exciting accessories that will make any children’s dolls house feel warm and welcoming! The dolls will love getting cosy by the log fire while relaxing on the sofas and sipping a hot cup of coco! There’s a pretty coffee table that sits on a fluffy blue rug, while the tea pot, coffee pot and matching mugs sit on a tea tray so the dolls can serve a selection of tasty drinks to their family and friends.

Rating:  (4/5 stars)


sweetbee-living-room-wb1 sweetbee-master-bedroom-wb1

Review: We were sent the Butterbee Dolls House to review by Big Game Hunters, and one evening after bedtime James & I put it together so that the girls would have a surprise in the morning… and it was a definite hit. They had to be coaxed away from the dolls house to eat their breakfast, and returned to it immediately after wolfing it down.

The construction of the dolls house was really easy as everything slots into place. The instruction sheet could have been a little clearer in places, but we managed to work everything our easily enough. James and I built it together and although I think it could be put together by one person, I think it would be a little bit too tricky.

The only screwing involved was to attach the windows to the roof – one of these had holes drilled to screw into, but James had to get his drill out to add holes to the other. A slight quality control issue there. An allen key/screwdriver was included for this but we opted to use our own as it was easier. All of the features such as doors and window shutters are already attached which saves you having to handle any fiddly bits of the construction.

Once put together, you can open & close the window shutters, open the front door, lift up the roof, and open the front of the house. Our front door is a bit poory fitted and sticks a bit – you have to hold the front of the dolls house shut with one hand while you open the little wooden door. The roof slots into place when you lift it up, so you don’t have to worry about it falling on your child during play.

Inside, there are little gingham curtains on each of the windows that can be drawn open or closed, and two flights of stairs slot into place. The back wall of the house is decorated in two different patterns, one for each floor, and the exterior of the house has some lovely decorative bits.

We were sent two furniture sets to furnish our house; the Master Bedroom set and the Living Room set. Each set has a good amount of furniture and accessories, and the design of all the sweet miniature bits & pieces is ok. We had a few quality issues with a wonky stool and a cracked clothes hanger, but overall we have been really happy with the sets.



The double bed in the master bedroom set comes with a mattress and two pillows, so Lydia started to use the Living Room rug as a duvet when putting our dolls to bed. My mum came to the rescue and knitted them own blanket to have instead, so now the rug is allowed to stay on the floor! 

The Sweetbee furniture sets are a perfect match for the Butterbee dolls house, with the same floral design on the end of the bed, and the same colour scheme used throughout. They look great in the house, and the girls have had loads of fun playing with the house.

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Georgie and Lydia both enjoy moving the dolls around the house, pretending that they are having a cup of coffee or going to bed. They haven’t played with the house every day since we got it, but it is definitely a popular toy in our house and one that they will play with frequently for a long time to come. 

Georgie turns 4 in May and I think some more furniture sets will certainly be on her birthday list!

We give the Butterbee Cottage Dolls House & the Sweetbee furniture sets 4 stars. If it wasn’t for the few quality issues we ran into, it would be 5 stars. I think it’s great value for money compared to some of the other dolls houses you see available, so that’s a thumbs up from me, and the girls have really been enjoying it.

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