Review: Buzzing Brains Deluxe Big Kitchen from Kiddicare

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Kiddicare to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Kiddicare logoProduct: Buzzing Brains Deluxe Big Kitchen

Price: £149.99 RRP

Age Range: Recommended 3 years+

Buzzing Brains logoManufacturer’s Description: Buzzing Brains Deluxe Big Kitchen lets your child has a wonderful time with her friends.This deluxe kitchen set is large enough to accommodate many children playing together at the same time. It also looks bright and cheerful with its beautiful color combinations and arrangements.

The kitchen play set includes a refrigerator, freezer, oven, and microwave that can be opened and closed. It has knobs on the oven and sink that can be turned and clicked, as well. The sink of this wooden play kitchen set is removable to make cleaning a breeze. A convenient storage area under the sink provides space for all the kitchen accessories.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Buzzing Brains Deluxe Big Kitchen

Review: When Kiddicare got in touch about reviewing one of their new toys from their own Buzzing Brains range for Christmas, I openly lusted after this deluxe big kitchen before opting for a much more modest selection. I got a text telling me I had a delivery coming, and was really looking forward to the item we chose (the RockStar Keyboard & Stool, which looks awesome by the way).

Expecting a medium sized parcel with my review item, I was completely astounded when a monster of a box was lifted into my house by the lovely delivery man. Georgie was amazed too! When I read the side of the box I was surprised, delighted, quite emotional (which is a bit pathetic, I know) and couldn’t WAIT to get it put together!

Georgie was so excited she tried to rip into the box herself…

We put the kitchen together one evening after a glass or two of wine (which seemed like an excellent idea at the time) and found it fairly straight forward. It is basically flat pack furniture on a smaller page, and by following the clear & helpful instruction guide we were able to put it together between the two of us.

Every part of the kitchen was labelled, right down to each of the fixings – they were held in a neat blister strip style package with each bolt, screw and so on separated into their own sections & labelled with the relevant letter. Although putting together something with this many parts is never going to be super fast, it has been made as easy as possible. My tip would be to just take it one step at a time, and that way you can’t go wrong!

The morning after we built it, Georgie came downstairs and was wide-eyed and delighted to see her new kitchen. She even said thank you to Kiddicare & Jennie (the lovely PR we deal with) on Instagram, with a big grin on her face!

The kitchen has plenty of space to store your play food and tea sets etc, and lots of ways to interact with it. You get a fridge/freezer, oven with a windowed door (presumably so you can keep an eye on your baking!), a microwave with a windowed door, a shelf, and what is either a cupboard or a dishwasher depending on how your child is feeling, it seems!

There is a clock on the side of the kitchen, a four-ring hob & sink with twiddling taps, and lots of lovely knobs that click when you turn them. A cordless phone hands on the side of the fridge, and a window behind the sink looks out on a lovely garden complete with a dog basking in the sunshine.

Three pegs above the sink are home to a fish slice, a spoon & a cloth pot holder. The shelves in the oven & cupboard below the hob & sink are removable, sliding in and out easily. Inside the fridge is another shelf, this one fixed. A grocery list adorns the front of the freezer, and the extremely posh fridge has an ice dispenser on the door!

The primary colours used in this kitchen are bright and friendly, gender neutral (yay!!!), and the overall design seems to be really fun. It is a really attractive bit of kit, and has been universally admired. The size is really great, and it will last Georgie for a good few years to come.

Georgie has played with this kitchen every single day since it arrived, and it has been extremely entertaining for both her and myself! Watching her imagination at work is amazing; she has loved washing up, baking, stirring, cooking, taking things in & out of all the cupboards, and so on.

One of the things Georgie enjoys doing is “filling things up” at the tap – she holds pots or teapots under the spout and twiddles the taps about, before either “pouring it out” into something, or cooking it in the oven or on the hob! We have had countless tea parties and some very strange pretend mealtimes.

The cordless phone is a big hit too; Georgie will quite often pick it up off the hook and chat away to someone (usually Daddy at work or Grandma in Cornwall) before cheerily saying “bye!” and stashing it in the fridge, or washing it up. As she gets older we will be able to do more & more with the kitchen; using the adjustable clock to practise telling time, looking at numbers on the microwave, talking about colours, and lots and lots of pretend play with our imaginations!

Georgiana really loves this sort of play at the moment, and will spend a good hour each day happily mixing up concoctions on the hob, baking all manner of things in her oven, and stashing things away. We chatter away to each other about what she is doing and what everything is, and generally having a whale of a time together.

This play kitchen is a great bit of kit, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get one for their child this Christmas. It may be a quite high priced toy but you get an awful lot of use out of it and this is one toy I can see Georgie playing with daily for a good few years to come. The cost per play is probably going to be quite low over it’s lifetime, making the initial cost worth the outlay.

It seems really solid and tough; Georgie has been climbing in & on it with no problems whatsoever. The plastic components don’t feel cheap, and the little kitchen accessories hanging above the hob are a nice touch too.

With our extremely modest Christmas budget this year, this was the present that I really wished that I could buy for Georgie, but couldn’t justify – even with the great deals available at Kiddicare it would have blown too much of the budget. Having said that, before recent circumstances meant that our Christmas budget was drastically slashed, a play kitchen was on our list and this one would have certainly been on the short list!

It is quite a bit bigger than one or two others that I have seen lately and I do think that this will help it last a good while; some of the others that I looked at before we changed our Christmas list are quite a bit lower which is great for really young toddlers, but I think this one is better for the age Georgie is now, and upwards – the perfect age for this type of play. We saw one from another brand today while we were out and Georgie had to bend a little to play with the hob & sink, so she would outgrow that quickly.


We give this attractive toy kitchen 5 stars. Thank you Kiddicare, I can confidently predict that this is going to be played with endlessly over the next few years!

At the time of writing this, the kitchen is currently just £99.99 in the sale, AND in the 3 for 2 offer, so don’t miss out!

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    1. It really is! Georgie plays with it every single day. She is really going to miss it when we put it in storage in two weeks time!

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