Review: Everybody Loves Butterflies, by Tanis Taylor and Masumi Furukawa

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parragon-books-ltd-logoProduct: Everybody Loves Butterflies, by Tanis Taylor and Masumi Furukawa

Price: £5.99

Age Range: 2-4 years

Manufacturer’s Description: Little Caterpillar doesn’t want to turn into a butterfly, he likes things just as they are. His friends tell him how beautiful butterflies are, how high they can fly and what amazing sights they can see. But Little Caterpillar still doesn’t want things to change. However, as he comes to realize, he’ll still be him — he’ll just be him with wings!

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Everybody Loves Butterflies

Review: This picture book is a story about accepting change, using the tale of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Little Caterpillar is initially resistant to the idea of becoming a butterfly, but eventually accepts that he will still be himself after the change, just with wings.

The illustrations in this book are sweet, using a gentle yet fun range of colours, which make it a very inviting book to read. Georgie loves to look at the pictures, pointing out the flowers and different creatures as we turn the pages.

The story itself is quite nice, with the different creatures Little Caterpillar talks to telling him about the great things he can look forward to when he becomes a butterfly. Little Caterpillar argues with each of the creatures, before finally embracing the change and delighting in his new butterfly form.

When you read the book aloud, the words flow nicely with a nice turn of phrase. The language used is friendly, and simple enough for a young child to understand.


I could see this book being great to read with a small child who is having to go through some changes in their life. Change can be really scary to kids, and anything that can help them to understand that change can be good sometimes, and be less afraid, sounds good to me.

At the end of the book, there is a page dedicated to explaining the life cycle of a butterfly. This is really interesting, and I can see this being really great for slightly older (primary school aged) readers that are interested in nature. It is full of little facts and gives your child the technical knowledge behind the story.

Although Georgie enjoys this book when we read it together, it’s not one that she reaches for very often when choosing a picture book to read. I think as she gets older she will enjoy it a little more, especially as she begins to understand the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Instead of just being entertaining, this book teaches children about change and nature, and that’s probably why Georgie isn’t reaching for it just yet – she is very much at an age where she is drawn to books that are just about pure fun.

We give “Everybody Loves Butterflies” 4 stars.

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