Review: Ewan the Dream Sheep

sweet-dreamers-logoProduct: Ewan the Dream Sheep

Price: £29.99

Age Range: 0+

Manufacturer’s Description: ewan the dream sheep® emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink warm glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep.

The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings, not computer generated and these have been proven to have a calming effect with even the most unsettled baby. Vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with the womb sequence provide 4 different calming sound tracks to choose from and all are combined with Mum’s resting heartbeat to provide extra reassurance. The sounds were trialled on babies and toddlers to find the most effective ones and only then were they included in our final ewan the dream sheep®.

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: Shortly after Lydia was born the four of us were shopping at Kiddicare, when Georgie spotted a shelf full of Ewans. From the Sweet Dreamers range, made by Easidream, Ewan the Dream Sheep is a cuddly toy designed to help babies drift off to sleep. He emits a soft red glow and, depending on which leg you squeeze, plays one of four calming soundtracks.

One Ewan looked ever so sad, without any packaging, and with a discount label attached. I managed to convince my sceptical husband that although Ewan doesn’t look much more than a cute toy, I had seen dozens of recommendations and mentions of his super powers online and I wanted him. We took Ewan home with us and he settled into his new home in Lydia’s crib, where he has been using his sleepy super powers for good ever since.

If she wakes up in the night, but doesn’t want to wake up yet, Lydia now wriggles around in her crib until she finds Ewan and gives his leg a squeeze (and usually a suck too, for good measure). He never fails to soothe her back to sleep, and he is fantastic at helping her drift off at nap time and bedtime, too.

This afternoon, something very sweet happened. Georgie and Lydia will be sharing a room full time starting next month, and so I wanted to try putting them together at nap time in the afternoons, to ease them into the idea. Obviously, Ewan is currently making the trip from crib to cot along with Lydia for her nap, and then back into the crib at night time.

Today, Georgie was playing quietly on their bedroom floor as Lydia napped in the cot. She dropped something with a loud thunk, and Lydia woke up crying. Before heading upstairs to give her a cuddle, I checked on the Georgie Cam to see what was going on. What happened next made me laugh and go “awwww” at the same time…

First, Georgie climbed up and reached into Lydia’s cot, and retrieved Ewan…


Then, she squeezed his legs until she was happy he was on – and presumably was playing her favourite soundtrack, as she squeezed two other legs before finding the one she was happy with…


Then, Ewan was placed carefully back into the cot and Lydia was asleep within minutes…


Finally, Georgie climbed into bed and joined her little sister in the land of nod!


As you can see, Ewan is one powerful little sheep – in addition to being very very cute!

We give Ewan 5 stars, and our undying love.

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