Review: Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Centre

Aquarium Bath Centre

Product: Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Centre*

Price: £34.50

Age Range: Newborn to toddler

Manufacturer’s Description: Make bath time more comfortable for you and baby with the Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Centre that grows with baby from newborn to toddler. The unique sling supports and cradles your newborn comfortably and safely. As baby grows, the sling can be adjusted to hang from the narrow end of the tub to provide reclining support. When your toddler needs more room, he can sit at the wider end of the tub. The “Baby Stopper” helps keep baby from slipping–removes to make more room as baby grows. It includes a temperature guide you can ensure that the water is just right for your baby. The Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Centre comes with 2 fun tub toys for baby to play with and is suitable from birth.

Rating:      (5/5 stars)


Review: We bought this bath from the Mothercare sale, using vouchers that my old work colleagues gave me when I went on maternity leave. At the price we paid it cost about £10 more than the Mothercare branded bath sets, which we considered worth paying because of the safety features of this well designed & adaptive bath.

This product is absolutely ideal for first time parents who are nervous about bathing their brand new babies – a newborn baby is an incredibly slippy wriggly thing when it comes to bathtime, and hanging onto them with one hand cradled under their back while you frantically try to get into all their creases and between their toes with your sponge is an absolute nightmare sometimes!

Hands-free bathing!

We found the bath especially useful when Georgie was about a month old and went through a phase of absolutely hating bathtime – she turned would kick and wiggle and scream her head off, which would have made it almost impossible to hang on to her if it hadn’t been for the sling keeping her securely in place.

This fantastic bath “grows with your child” right from newborn to toddler – they start off using the comfy sling, followed by the removable bumper bar, and finally sit the other way around in the wider toddler section. This frees up your hands to actually give your little one a thorough wash! It’s great for economy reasons too – because it has the toddler end (which is wider than conventional baby baths) you can use it for longer and save filling your full sized adult bath for a few extra months!

Starfish toy!

Storage is easy & quite clever too; the bath has a neat hook that swivels out from one end to allow you to hang it from your shower pole or similar, saving precious space.

It comes with a few bath toys which Georgie loves, and also has a thermometer at the bottom of the bath so you can make sure you are filling the bath to the right temperature. In fact, my only real criticism of this bath is that the thermometer is build into the bottom so that you can’t read it clearly when the water is cloudy (as ours often is, straight out of the tap), or if you have already added your bubbles. Despite this, I still think that it should get a well deserved 5 stars, simply because it makes bathtime so much safer and easier!