Review: Big Game Hunters Fairy Princess Play Tent

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Fairy Princess Play Tent

Product: Garden Games Fairy Princess Play Tent

Price: £74.99

Age Range: Recommended for 1+ years

Manufacturer’s Description: The new Fairy Princess play tent by Garden Games. This beautiful pink princess tent will bring happy smiles to your little princess. The unit includes fabric windows and doors that role up with ties. The tent is a hexagonal turret shaped tent with a flag on the top. The tent slots together and is joined with connectors for easy installation.

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Review: As promised by the manufacturer this play tent was easy to construct and could easily be done by one person – in fact Georgie and I cuddled on the chair in the nursery while we watched my husband do the labour! We were impressed by the quality of the materials – it is made from solid wood poles connected with strong plastic connectors which all slot together to make a strong frame for the tent.

Bits & Pieces

During construction, you are presented with the option of either screwing all of the wooden poles into all of the plastic connectors, or just having the base part screwed together with the rest simply slotted into place. We decided to screw everything together as we have no immediate plans to move the tent from it’s new home in Georgie’s nursery, and wanted to take the extra precaution to make sure our future toddler couldn’t bring it down on her head by attempting to climb it like a monkey.

However, to be honest, I wouldn’t really be worried about it falling apart on you if it was simply slotted together, as the parts are well made and fitted together perfectly. If we had a lawn in our garden I would have been tempted to just have the bottom part screwed, as I can imagine how much fun this tent could be for children to play in outdoors – the canvas is waterproof so the occasional summer shower won’t matter, although they don’t advise leaving it out all winter.

Screwing the base together
Walls going up
Last screw goes in!

The instructions provided were clear to follow and there were a few extra screws provided – always handy if you’re like me and always manage to send one scooting along the floor at high speed to places unknown! It wasn’t long before everything was slotted & screwed together, and the canvas was placed over the top and secured with the velcro straps.

I threw in a pile of blankets, cushions and teddies to make my little girl a cosy den to play in, and let her loose inside. It’s no understatement to say she was completely delighted with it – she sat in the middle of the tent looking around with a big smile on her face… it was absolutely adorable!

She also had a little lie down against the cushions and looked very comfortable and relaxed in her little shelter. James proceeded to play peek-a-boo through the window and door, which resulted in lots of giggles and a very happy baby. I think it’s easy to say this product has Georgie’s seal of approval!

The doorway and windows have fabric covers which make a pretty door and curtains so that when your child wants to hide away in private they can – I can already see an older Georgie hiding away in there, princess of her own little castle! It will be great for her to have her own special space.

Happy in her new castle!

The main downside of this play tent is the by product to one of it’s strengths – in order for it to be as sturdy and long lasting as it promises to be, the tent is harder to store and move around than the newer style play tents such as this one from IKEA, due to it’s bulkiness.

The difference in price between this product and the cheaper modern alternatives is quite big as well, although I can see why – the tent is made from really strong materials, and the canvas is absolutely gorgeous. It really is in a different league altogether in terms of quality, and you do get what you pay for with these types of things. It is also undeniably an awful lot more attractive and is obviously going to last us for years to come.

They also have a few wigwams on sale, if you need something for the little boy in your life (or the little girl who doesn’t want to be princess of her very own castle, but would prefer to be an indian for a day!).

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