Review: GUMIGEM Teething Necklaces

Product: GUMIGEM Teething Necklaces

Price: £10.00 to £12.50 (keep reading for a discount code!)

Age Range: teething age+

Manufacturer’s Description: GUMIGE­M ­® is proud to introduce its range of fantastic necklaces that are designed to look amazing, whilst helping your baby through the teething process. GUMIGEM® pendants are made of baby safe (non toxic) silicone – like most other ‘conventional’ teething products. GUMIGEM® look like hard stone or Murano glass, but are actually soft and flexible like teething rings so ideal for sore gums…. read more

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Candy Confusion Disc Pendant

Review: My sister gave me my heart-shaped GUMIGEM necklace for my birthday back in July, and I loved it instantly! One of the things I have discovered since having a baby is they love to grab things and put them into their mouths – and it only gets worse when they start teething! These fab necklaces allow you to wear jewellery (and pretty fab looking jewellery at that!), and not have to worry when your child grabs it and has a chew!


I have to say, Georgie loves it just as much as me. Whenever I am wearing it she will always reach for it and have a chomp. She has just started teething and has so far rejected various different teething toys with disgust, preferring to chew on either our fingers or my necklace! The pendant is the perfect size and shape for babies to be able to pick up and maneuver into their mouths, and the breakaway clasp stops you from having your neck yanked off if your baby gives it a massive tug.

Drop in the Ocean Raindrop Pendant – LOVE this one!

We recently went to a family wedding, and I wore the necklace all day – it got quite a few compliments and every time I explained that it was a teething necklace there were exclamations of “wow” and “that’s clever!”. It was especially amusing when Georgie grabbed it for a gnaw, and someone called out in alarm that she was reaching for my necklace – only to be amazed when I calmly helped her pick it up and put it in her mouth.

The Aurora Heart Pendant

One of the things I love about the GUMIGEM is that it allows you to have a baby toy on your person without it looking like it. It’s a nightmare to have to go to a smart event and have to cart around a garish (but fun!) baby toy with you in an effort to keep your baby entertained – you can dress your baby in a gorgeous outfit, but a brightly coloured toy will make you stand out a bit! The GUMIGEM gives your baby something to play with and chew on whilst still letting you look somewhat sophisticated! They have the added bonus of being rather gorgeous looking necklaces – it’s a teether in disguise!

Perfect Plum Lightning Pendant

Another fab thing about them is that no two GUMIGEMs are the same – thanks to the way that they are made, each pendant is unique. They come in four different shapes; the disc, heart, lighting bolt (ideal for molars), and the raindrop. You can even get a bit of a discount by buying two or more at the same time, using the mix n match option. I think I’ll be getting myself a few more sometime soon!

A well deserved 5 stars for this product – they are attractive, certified to be safe to chew on, and mine never fails to entertain Georgie for a while! Also, I’m a little bit addicted to chewing it myself!

Chomp Chomp

The lovely Jenny (@teethinggumigem) over at GUMIGEM has given me a special coupon code to share with my readers: Just enter ZC10 at the checkout for a 10% discount! This code expires at the end of March 2012 go get shopping!

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