Review: Lilliputiens Arnold the Hippo Teething Rattle and Finger Puppets

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by The Toadstool to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Lilliputiens LogiProduct: Lilliputiens Arnold the Hippo Teething Rattle and Finger Puppets

Price: £11.50

The Toadstool logoAge Range: Suitable from birth

Manufacturer’s Description: This soft baby’s teething ring and toy combines Arnold the hippo and his green parrot as finger puppets and their boat as a baby’s rattle. A colourful and tactile baby soother, teething ring and rattle combined in one which also encourages creative play and lots of fun from an early age with the two finger puppets.

The Toadstool is an online toy store selling a range of beautiful toys including the adorable Lilliputiens soft toy range and fun Haba wooden toys.

Rating:   (5/5 stars)

Arnold the hippo teething toy, rattle and finger puppets by Lilliputiens

Review: Lydia was sent this lovely toy to test from The Toadstool, and took to it instantly. Its not hard to see why! The bright colours are tasteful instead of garish, with a variety of shades of the same few colours working well together. The design gives it a great sense of fun and a slight quirkiness.

Arnold the hippo and his parrot are cute and colourful characters which make enjoyable finger puppets – wiggling my puppet clad fingers at Lydia definitely made her smile. Finger puppets are a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination from an early age.

The teething ring is the perfect size and shape for little baby’s hand. Lydia loves to put toys in her mouth and this is no exception. As soon as I handed it over her fingers were wrapped around it and it was in her mouth getting chomped upon. I think she may be starting to teethe, and this ring is a lovely chompable plastic with some give – some teethers seem to be a bit too solid and unchewable to me!

It’s weird to call a toy this small multi-functional, but that is exactly what this is. With a teething ring, velcro dummy holder, finger puppets and a rattle hidden in the boat, it has four different uses. The toy is made from a few different fabrics which provide a variety of textures, and Arnold’s body rustles when played with so there are two different sounds as well.

The flag doubles up as a dummy holder which is useful if your child is prone to dropping their dummy but you (or they!) are not keen on dummy clips. This colourful toy would make it easy to recover the lost dummy.

At £11.50 this is what I’d call a premium brand toy, and it is a little bit pricier than the brands you’d see in the supermarket. Despite setting you back more than a tenner, it is still a competitive price for the brand, and is undeniably a lovely toy of high quality. Reading up about the brand’s values and production criteria makes me think it’s worth the extra few quid, with every manufacturer required to sign a declaration ensuring the safety of it’s employees and committing them to adhere to EU legislation.

This Arnold teething rattle would make a perfect new baby gift for either a boy or a girl. After all, who doesn’t love a pirate hippo? With the Lydia thumbs up for grabbability* and chompiness* and mine for quality and ethics, we give this 5 stars.

*these are completely real words in our house