Review: Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my PR Info page, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler

Price: £39.99

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Everyone knows Minnie is the most stylish mouse in town! Now you can transform Minnie into a catwalk model with this Magic Turnstiles! Press the bow on the Turnstiles to reveal different outfits for Minnie to dress up in!

Rating: (3/5 stars)

Minnie Mouse Turnstyler

Review: Lydia is a big Minnie Mouse fan so when I opened up this delivery she was very excited! The Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler is a combination wardrobe and catwalk, with spinning shelves, sound effects and lights!

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler in the box

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler back of box

In the box you get the turnstyler in two parts, Minnie Mouse dressed in her pink outfit, two additional outfits, a camera on a tripod, a hanging rail, two dress hangers, a sheet of stickers, and the instructions.

The turnstyler clips together easily & quickly, and can then be decorated with the stickers – the instructions tell you where to put some of them, and then the others can go wherever you like. The turnstyler requires 2 x AAA batteries to power the sound & light effects.

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler - what’s in the box

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler

When you press down on the bow on top, the shelves inside spin around, music plays, and three leds flash. You can also turn the shelves by hand to retrieve Minnie’s clothes. There is enough space inside the turnstyler for all three of Minnie’s outfits, with separate shelves for the bows, dresses and shoes. The wardrobe door slides open and closed, with a sound effect each time. It reminds me of the super-duper closet from Clueless!

On the catwalk, Minnie clips easily into the star stand, and then you move the sliding bow to make her spin up and down to show off her latest outfit.

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler - Minnie in her underwear

Lydia has really enjoyed mixing and matching the different outfits, and getting Minnie dressed and undressed. Unfortunately the shoes and the dresses are quite stiff and difficult for Lydia to get on without help from an adult – although they do seem to be getting less stiff the more they are played with.

The only other issue we have encountered with the turnstyler is that it seems very easy for the mechanism to get jammed up and stop it from spinning easily. When this happens you can’t push the bow down all the way until you have jiggled it about a bit to somehow unjam it.

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler - Lydia playing

Minnie Mouse Magic Turnstyler - Lydia pressing the bow

Despite these issues, Lydia has really been enjoying this toy. She likes to play around with role play, pretending to take Minnie’s photograph with the camera and getting other toys involved too. Minnie herself is really solid and good quality, with articulated arms & legs. Her head can spin around – 360 degrees, which can seem a bit creepy at times!

Overall we give this toy three stars – it is fun and a good concept, but definitely has it’s flaws and I think it is a little overpriced too. Lydia, however, gave it 10 stars and said she loves it!

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