Review: Nonabox UK (Nov 2013 box)

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Nonabox to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

logoProduct: Nonabox UK (Nov 2013 box)

Price: £25 for one month, £70 for 3 months, £130 for 6 months, £250 for 12 months (up front payments required to get these savings)

Age Range: Pregnancy to 2 years.

Manufacturer’s Description: Nonabox accompanies you through your pregnancy and your baby´s first two years – Every month we send a box full of specially selected top-quality products, chosen for youand reflecting your stage of motherhood, from pregnancy through your baby’s first two years… The total value of the box is always superior to that of the subscription cost!

We only chose brands that stand out for their quality and usefulness – We do not allow brands to pay to collaborate with Nonabox. It is the experiences of real mothers and your reviews that fill Nonaboxes.

Rating:      (3/5 stars)


Review: After being pleased with my September and October boxes, I have to say that my November box was a disappointment in comparison. Arriving near the end of the month, the box seemed fairly empty and only one or two of the items really excited me.

Having said that, there were some nice things in the box and we will use, or have used, almost all of them.

Here is a rundown of what was inside my November Nonabox:

Egmont – Mr. Men The Christmas Tree


A sweet Christmas book from the Mr. Men series, this was quite a nice gender neutral addition to the Nonabox. However, I do think that a board book would have been more appropriate for a nine month old, as Lydia won’t be able to enjoy this book for a few more years yet. She is still too young to sit and listen to a story like this, and would just rip the book up if I handed it over! Georgie enjoyed this book, but the Nonabox was supposed to have been aimed at her baby sister.


Egmont – Fireman Sam: The Runaway Santa Christmas Story Book


Another small picture book, this Fireman Sam book is again too old for Lydia. Egmont themselves recommend this for 3 years+. I queried the gender specifics of this box with Nonabox and they confirmed that as the box was aimed for a girl, we should have been sent one of the female orientated books instead of this Fireman Sam book. As with the Mr. Men book, Georgie enjoyed looking at the pictures, but even she was a bit young for the rather preachy story.


Plum Baby – Baby’s first four grain porridge


At nine months old, Lydia was really past the first stage of weaning when we received the box, and one of the later stage products that Nonabox have listed on their November page would have been more suitable for her age. Having said that, Lydia enjoyed this porridge very much and we might buy it again in future if it’s on special offer, and she is still eating baby porridge sometimes for her breakfast.


Jojo Maman Bebe – Clutch changing bag


At nine months old, Lydia is still using nappies and will be for at least another year or so. A small clutch changing bag like this is perfect for nipping out and about with, as she is not using so many nappies in a short period of time anymore, and this holds the essentials for the odd nappy change while we’re out. We went out for a family meal in December and although I did take a fully packed changing bag, I left that bulky bag in the car and just took my small handbag and this clutch bag into the restaurant with me – much easier. It held enough bits to do a nappy change for each of our two girls while we were there, which is all we needed. I love this clutch and will use it a lot in the future, I expect. This was my one of my favourite items in this box.


Jojo Maman Bebe – Pack-away Pocket highchair


This little pack away highchair is ingenious and we have used it a few times since getting our Nonabox. It was perfect for a meal at my Grandparent’s house, as Lydia was keen to be sat up with us while we ate lunch, and I just handed her bits and pieces to nibble on throughout the meal. It simply unfolds and ties neatly onto any standard style chair, to make a simple child restraint. The little pouch is so small and light you won’t notice it in your handbag! Georgie tried her best to escape but couldn’t manage it despite wriggling and twisting a lot… I wouldn’t have any fears about Lydia falling out. It is blue, but Nonabox only had the blue colour to distribute & I think that it is fine anyway.


Jojo Maman Bebe- Henry rabbit blankie comforter


This cute comforter is another addition from Jojo Maman Bebe to my box, and is quite sweet (if a little bit weird). Lydia does enjoy playing with soft toys and comforters, so she has enjoyed this toy when given it to play with. It is a discontinued item by Jojo Maman Bebe, which does make me think that they offloaded their remaining stock to Nonabox cheaply.


Humphrey´s Corner Baby Care (samples)


Inside the box, we also received a Humphrey’s Corner Calming Chamomile Shampoo 7 ml sample and a Relaxing Lavender Bubbly Bath 7 ml sample. I’ve estimated these to have a total value of around 50p. To be honest, I am a little disappointed to see these included as an item – I would have thought small samples like this would be added extras only. We haven’t tried these samples yet, but the branding looks great and I like the natural and gentle approach.




We also got two vouchers, a £1.00 Humphrey’s Corner voucher & a 50p Plum voucher. I included these in my total value…

This Nonabox had a total value of £48.27

Overall, I wasn’t too pleased with this box. We got six items, three of which are really quite low value, and a few samples and vouchers, and the items we got weren’t all that well suited to a nine month old baby. The items themselves, individually, are all quite nice, but the total box as a whole hasn’t been as good as the previous two.

The total value is less than double the price of the box, and that is calculating using the RRP of each item, not the price you could probably buy them at with a little bit of savvy shopping. Compare this to the previous two boxes, which had total values of £65.00 and £84.93, and you can see why this one felt like a bit of a let down.

Nonabox claim that they include “6 to 9 high quality products per month” and that the boxes should be customised for your baby’s age and gender. We received male orientated products for all three boxes we have had, when female alternatives were available – despite me informing Nonabox that they had made a mistake after each of the first two boxes. We also received several products over the three months that weren’t really for the right age.

We give this Nonabox 3 stars.