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Please note: WauWaa have now ceased trading but Toby Tiger kids clothes are still available from their own site.

Disclosure: We were given a free voucher by to be spent on clothing of our choice. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Wauwaa LogoProduct: Toby tiger clothing from Wauwaa

Price: £14.50 for the skirt (RRP £19.99), £15.00 for the t-shirt (RRP £21.99)

Toby tiger logoAge Range: Toby tiger clothes are available from newborn to 6 years. Wauwaa sell products for parents, babies & toddlers, dependant on brands available at time of shopping.

Manufacturer’s Description: Toby tiger, Colourful Clothes for Colourful Kids. Pink cord skirt – 100% supersoft cotton – fine needle cord bright pink gypsy skirt with adjustable waistband and pretty red velvet trim. T-Shirt – Organic cotton long sleeved t-shirt with a cute kitty appliqué.

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Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: We were offered a Wauwaa voucher, so that we could try out the website and also review some of the clothing they had on offer. At the time of our shopping, Toby tiger was the brand that immediately jumped out at me as my favourite, and it didn’t take long to choose our items to order.

The website itself was fairly easy to browse and go through the ordering system, though there were one or two slightly niggles with how things worked – it would be nice if you could go back to a brand shop from the individual item a bit easier, for example.

Overall it is an attractive, clean, easy to navigate website to shop on. I love the colours and fonts they have chosen, and since their launch they seem to have been offering products from some great brands in their sales. You can zoom in on the images to see the detail on the items for sale, and each item has a comprehensive description too.

On the main shop page you can view all of the items on offer from all brands at once, and then filter them by age, category (product type, basically) and brand. Wauwaa take photos of all the items on sale themselves, instead of just using the product photos supplied by the brand – this helps to give the site a unified look, and in the case of the Toby tiger items we bought it allowed me to see that the colours went together properly as they are taken in the same light.

The discounts are fairly good; for this skirt and t-shirt we got over £5 off each product, with around a 27% discount on the skirt, and a 32% discount on the t-shirt. Not too shabby!

The clothes did take a while to arrive, due to the way that Wauwaa organise their sales in order to get you the deals. Although this was ok once I understood it, I do think that this information should be more obvious on their site when you are ordering. There is no real order tracking system either, which is a shame – when it is taking so long to despatch orders, it would be nice to be able to log in and see your orders to check up on status etc. You do get an email when it has been despatched, though.

As for the clothes… The skirt is made of a really lovely fine cord in a beautiful shade of pink, trimmed at the bottom with a velvety red ribbon. The skirt is lovely and full, and moves around prettily as Georgie runs about & plays. It feels nice & soft to the touch, and looks fantastic.

It’s great to find a skirt with an adjustable waist too, as Georgie’s long & skinny shape makes it hard to find bottom halves that fit, and where it seems to be getting easier to find adjustable waisted jeans, skirts seem to be forgotten. This is the first skirt we have been able to put Georgie in that has fitted properly, I think. The length is great as she can run around and have fun without it impeding her movement at all.

The top is striped in two shades of pink and matches the skirt wonderfully. The organic cotton is lovely and soft on the skin, and the fabric is a nice thickness, so I don’t have to worry about Georgie getting chilly wearing this. I was a little disappointed that the fabric backing to the appliqué came off after half a dozen or so washes, as now the embroidery stitches are against Georgie’s skin on the inside of the t-shirt, and I do worry about her sensitive skin getting irritated by these sorts of things.

The kitty design on the t-shirt is really cute and instantly appealing. The slightly muted colours are lovely against the colourful pink t-shirt, and the whole outfit works together brilliantly. Georgie has worn the t-shirt/skirt combo out a few times and had a couple of compliments. Both items mix and match nicely with the rest of her wardrobe too; the top looks particularly nice with jeans, and the skirt is very versatile too.

I think the full prices for these two items of clothing is a little high, compared to what we would normally spend on the girls clothes… But the discount offered by Wauwaa brought them down to a price I would have been more happy to pay; I would certainly have bought an outfit like this for Georgie to wear to a children’s party or similar. She is getting plenty of wear out of these clothes!

Overall, I have been very happy with both the clothing from Toby tiger, and fairly happy with the experience with the Wauwaa website. I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on the deals at the site in case you spot a bargain.

4 stars.

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