Review: Orbeez & Oonies, Creative Kits from Character Options

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Product: Oonies Starter Station PackOrbeez Wowser Surprise Magical Pets – Series 1

Price: £19.99 for the Oonies Starter Station Pack, and £5.99 for the Orbeez Wowser Surprise Magical Pets

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: Oonies – Oonies are the inflatable mini balloons that magically stick together! Using the Oonies Inflator Starter Pack you can inflate Oonies then stick together to create an ooniverse of creations. It’s super easy and super fun! Just inflate them, stick them together and then decorate with Oonie Deco Bits! If you can think it, you can make it with Oonies! Make a variety of fun characters, create cool games and challenges, throw ‘em or even just pop ‘em.

Orbeez – There’s lots of magical surprises to be had with Wowser Surprise Pets! Unwrap, then just add water to reveal you surpise pet! Twist the handle, to make your pet spin. Then you can hide your pet by removing the water and wow your friends too! There’s lots to collect: Sprinkles, Happy, plus more! Will you find the super rare surprise pet?

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: With the weather getting gradually worse it is great to have new craft projects and toys for the girls to play with indoors, and these colourful kits from Character Options are perfect.

The girls tried out the Oonies kit first, and had a great time making little balloon creatures. The starter pack comes with the Oonies inflator, 36 pellets, 6 connectors, 18 deco bits, 6 display connectors, 12 eyes, and instructions. This is enough to make several different creative creatures, and you can reuse the deco bits to make new ones after your Oonies have deflated.

The basic idea is that you inflate little round sticky balloons which self seal, using the special inflator machine. This inserts a fine needle into the pellet, through which you pump air – the needle only comes out when the top part is locked into place, so there is no danger to little fingers. There is even a indicator built in to stop you over-inflating your Oonies.

The instructions are really well written and very clear but even so it did take a little while to get the hang of it, and we had some pellets break or inflate wrong, or just deflate immediately. Overall we were successful though and the girls really enjoyed sticking the inflated Oonies together and decorating them with wings, legs, eyes and so on. The instructions also have some ideas for creatures to make and games to play.

There are plenty of different refill packs available for this kit for an affordable price, so I can definitely see us buying more pellets to play some of the games and create more Oonies animals (and monsters!). The Oonies stay inflated for “up to five days” and we have had some last a little longer than this too. It’s something a bit different, and would make a good gift for the girls friend or cousins birthdays at the £19.99 price point.

Once they had finished making weird and wonderful creatures, the girls were very excited to open their Orbeez Wowzer Surprise Toys. I was really impressed with these as they have all the excitement of a blind bag, with a definite added “wow” factor as you make the clear Orbeez disappear with water to reveal the toy inside.

The girls absolutely LOVED these. You begin by taking off the packaging to reveal a snow globe type container filled with clear Orbeez, which stop you being able to being able to see which collectible creature is hiding inside. You unscrew the top and remove the seal, then screw it back on and pour in a little water through the hole in the lid.

As the water pours in, the Orbeez seem to become invisible and the toy inside is revealed – it’s all about the refraction of light so it’s a great science demonstration too!

Once you have revealed your toy, you can put your spin key in the top and make your ‘magical pet’ twirl around and watch it “dance”. Just unscrew the top, poor out the water (a grill keeps the Orbeez in place while you poor), and then use the spin key again to pull out your pet to play. You can even use the base as a stand for the toy.

It’s really easy to put your toy in and out of the globe, and the girls got the hang of it all quickly. They both enjoyed doing everything several times, making it disappear and reappear with the water, and playing with the Orbeez too. It makes it more than a one trick pony, which gives it more play value. I would definitely buy these for the girls again, as a ‘good behaviour’ treat! 

We give these toys a 4 star rating.

Character Options have lots of creative kits for kids to try out, perfect to keep kids entertained during the wet weather! For competitions and more info visit

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