Review: Stickygram Instagram Magnets

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Stickygram to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

StickyGramProduct: Stickygram Instagram Magnets

Price: $14.99 (around £10)

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Turn your Instagrams into magnets. Durable magnets capturing your original photo quality. Each are roughly the same size as they appear on your phone. Free shipping everywhere.

Rating: (5/5 stars)


Review: I love these magnets! We were given a voucher code to receive a free sheet of 9 Stickygram instagram magnets and I was really impressed by the entire experience.

It was simple to link up to my instagram account, choose my 9 photos, and complete my order. To add photos you simply hover over them & click when the large + (plus) logo appears, and then you can remove them from your selection by clicking on them when the – (minus) sign appears on hover.

The magnets arrived within a few days and the print quality is superb. They come as a complete sheet which is split up by tearing the nine magnets apart – it’s easy peasy and there doesn’t seem to be any danger of damaging the magnets doing it this way.

The size of each magnet is roughly the same size as the photo appears on your smartphone screen, unless you have one of those insanely huge phablet things that is! I think that this size is really nice as it is instantly recognisable as an instagram snap, and also reminiscent of the old style instant cameras like polaroids, that instagram is obviously inspired by.

I love taking instagram photos of my girls, and it is really nice to be able to get a physical product like this in a few days with just a few clicks. At not much more than £1 per magnet I think it’s good value, and that they would make excellent gifts for family & friends. I am quite tempted to include a few sheets of Stickygram magnets on my christmas shopping list!

These magnets would also be great for displaying your children’s artwork on the fridge – why not have one or two pieces of art from each child up at once, with magnets of them holding them up?

5 stars for a great product that lets you free some of those favourite instagram snaps from the digital world and be able to see them every day in your home.

I am currently giving away three sets of these fabulous magnets – enter to win a set here. This giveaway closes on 29/10/13.

Stickygram discount code: use the code FRIEND16Z5 to get $2 off Stickygram magnets & $5 off Stickygram smartphone cases.