Review: Teksta Micro-Pets

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Product: Teksta Micro-Pets

Price: £9.99

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: The new Teksta Micro-Pets are miniature pets. They are artificially intelligent and touch sensitive. There are 4 cool characters to collect including: Puppy, Kitty, Racoon and Dinosaur. Each Pet will zoom around in different directions and makes realistic animal sounds.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Review: Teksta are well known for their robotic pets, which are instantly recognisable and make popular gifts. These new Micro-Pets make the little robots both insanely cuter than their bigger counterparts, and also more affordable, bringing the range firmly into pocket money affordability.

The girls were instantly smitten by the cute little pets, which are small enough to stand on the palm of your hand. Lydia has a purple Kitty and Georgie a blue Racoon.

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

The Teksta Micro-Pets move forwards and backwards, propelled by small wheels behind their back paws, make cute little animal noises, and their eyes light up.

The pets respond to noise, so move & chatter away when you talk to them which the girls really enjoy. They also respond to another pet’s noises, so if you have two of them, as we do, you can watch them set each other off repeatedly – it is quite funny.

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

Pressing the button on the top of the head of the animal causes it’s eyes to light up and it to make noises, before moving around. There is an on/off switch at the back of it’s head, so it is easy for the girls to turn them on when they want to play, and off when they are finished. Lydia quite enjoys just holding hers when it is off as well as playing with it while on!

Although the instructions say to use them on a smooth flat surface the girls had no problems on our short pile rug or carpet – though they do admittedly move much faster on a smooth surface. The kitty has had one of it’s legs detach a few times with rougher handling but there was a slip inside the packaging warning of this possibility, and it does clip back into place really easily (it’s also not actually a required piece for it to function).

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

Teksta Micro-Pets Kitty and Raccoon

You can also get play sets for these diddy robot pets, which they roll around in – they look like great fun. You can switch the robotic animals into “forward only” mode by holding down the button on the top of their head, for use in the play sets.

Georgie and Lydia have both enjoyed playing with their new Micro-Pets, and have been having fun with them. They’ve been shown off over FaceTime to my parents, which is an honour given to favourite things!

Watch our video to see them in action:

At just £9.99 per pet I think these are great value for what they can do, and I can see the kids getting a lot of fun play time in with them.

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