Review: The World of Popagami Combo Pack

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Popagami to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: The World of Popagami Combo Pack

Price: £7.99

Age Range: young children upwards!

Manufacturer’s Description: Welcome to the World of Popagami and your adventure into Popagami animals. The designs and guide inside this book will help you make the very cute and unique finger puppets for you to play with. The book also includes three designs where you can create your own unique animals!

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Happy folding and be kind to all animals, including our paper ones!

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Popagami combo pack

Review: We brought the Popagami combo pack to my parents house for our holiday in Cornwall, knowing full well that not every day would be full of sunshine, sea & sand. It turned out to be an excellent rainy day activity, with James & myself both spending a good while creating the cute little animal heads, and Georgie having fun playing with them when they were done.

Inside the pack is an instruction/activity book, complete with small cut out “Pop-Ettes” and suggestions of things to do and ways to play with your completed Pop-Ettes. You also get 24 sheets to make larger Pop-Ettes, with 2 of each of the 12 designs.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow as long as you read them all carefully. I managed to avoid messing up any of them, and after his first one (which had to be partially unfolded and refolded the right way around), James got the hang of it pretty quickly too. By the third or fourth one I made, I no longer had to read the instructions and could fold them from memory.

The larger designs were much easier to fold than the smaller ones from the book, which were much more fiddly due to their size. It was definitely worth practising with the bigger sheets before trying any from the book.

Each sheet has the Popagami logo and copyright information in the same place; which makes it easy to know that you are folding it correctly at the half-way mark, as they end up on some triangles.

The reason for the “pop” part of the name of these origami animals becomes apparent when you reach the last stage of creation; with a short sharp blow into the hole at the end of your folded Pop-Ette it pops up into a fully formed animal head! The ears can be trimmed during or after creation; I actually found it easier to do before the Pop-Ette is blown up, trimming the excess paper off at the step suggested in the instructions.

Georgie enjoyed identifying and playing with the different animals after I made them, and there were plenty of fun suggestions of things to do with them in the activity book. Even Lydia got into the action, although I don’t think a 6 month old baby really has the motor skills for origami!

We thought that the Popagami were fun, well designed and a good way to occupy ourselves and the kids (especially if they had been a bit older) for a little while for some quiet time. I will be storing the pack away for now, and getting it out again in a year or two when Georgie’s dexterity and attention span will be good enough to get more involved herself.

Something like this has limited appeal however, and is definitely in the “get out on the odd occasion” list, rather than something that will be played with every day – unless you have a huge origami fan, of course!

I liked that there are black and white Pop-Ettes in the book to be reproduced and coloured in, so kids can have fun decorating and then creating their own Pop-Ettes. You could scan these into a computer and blow them up easily to be printed, although there are also some free black & white downloadables on the site too (and basic folding instructions too, if you want to have a go).

We give the Popagami Combo Pack 4 out of 5 stars, for a bit of great value fun.

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