Review: Victoria the Slinglady

Product: Wrap Slings from Victoria the Slinglady

Price: £15.00 to £25.00

Age Range: Newborn to Toddler

Manufacturer’s Description: This business was started from me making my own carrier, being on a budget i just could not afford a branded carrier. A few friends saw my carrier asked me to make them one and it went from there. There are many families who really wanted to have the experience of having their little one close but a low income they just couldn’t afford to. There are now 2 of slinglady myself and Nikki I make the Stretch plain and the panels and Nikki makes the Smith-firm and the patterned stretch. We want to show it is possible to sell beautiful and most importantly safe wrap slings at a price families on a budget could afford.

Rating:   (5/5 stars)

Review: I bought my first wrap sling before Georgie was born, after looking at the different types of carriers and deciding that I wanted to go down the wrap sling route – they just looked so much more comfortable for both Mum & baby than the carriers which are a giant confusion of straps and buckles!

Front facing to see the Irish Sea!

The minute I tried it on I could tell I was going to love it – I started with a summer stretch wrap which was perfect for when my baby girl was just a newborn, as she was born in May and so it was great for carrying my tiny baby around during the summer months. I have now passed this wrap onto @icklebearz for her to use it with her gorgeous prem baby boy Ali – all other carriers have a minimum weight limit that made them unsafe for him but as soon as he had sufficient head control Carol was able to use the lightweight sling with him which was great for both of them!

Snug & warm on a windy walk!

Before we went to Ireland in December I decided to invest in a Smith-Firm wrap as I decided that I wanted one to last from now till as long as I could bear carrying her around! Because of a mix up with my eBay order, I ended up with a purple plain stretch wrap as well, which is the one I have actually been using for a few months.

James has even been seen around the house using one to keep Georgie smiling on her grumpy needs-to-be-super-near-a-parent-at-all-times days, having refused to wear one outside the house on the basis that they are “too girly”. I almost have him convinced that we should buy a more masculine coloured one (maybe the Hungry Caterpillar panel one – it’s so adorable?!) for him to use as he has confessed that it is more comfortable than the manly straps ‘n’ buckles one we bought for him to use.

Zonked out in Asda

One of the things I love about using a wrap is that if we are out & about Georgie doesn’t have to miss out on her naps – instead of putting her in the trolley seat at the supermarket sometimes I will have her in the wrap instead, and she is able to fall asleep when she needs to, rather than starting to get grumpy and overtired. A baby who misses a nap is an unhappy baby! She loves being cuddled up close to me and will quite happily zonk out for ages in the wrap.

All three wraps are fantastic and I have been really impressed with the quality of the fabric and the neatness of the stitching. Victoria has a fab variety of different colours and fabrics available on her site to suit any tastes too, and provides a series of great instructional videos on how to tie them. These wraps are amazing value, and are incredibly versatile – the amount of different ties you can do with your simple piece of cloth is amazing. A very well deserved 5 stars for such a great product!

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  2. Hi Zoe – love the look of this sling and your review seems really positive! Is the stretch wrap comfortable for longer periods of wearing (and how long is a longer period of wearing for this sling!)? At what baby weight does it stop being comfortable to wear? Thanks for your help! Natasha

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