Review: Wonderful Wildlife 123 by Charles Fuge

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parragon-books-ltd-logoProduct: Wonderful Wildlife 123 by Charles Fuge

Price: £5.99

Age Range: 2-6 years

Manufacturer’s Description: A deliciously funny first introduction to numbers 1-20. Worms wiggle… hyenas giggle… cheeky chipmunks chase Bigfoot and the Yeti… Everyone is making mischief in this fun-filled counting book!

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Wonderful Wildlife 123

Review: Wonderful Wildlife 123 is a fun counting book featuring a variety of animals in amusing situations.

“1 lonely badger, 2 helpful whales, 3 friendly seabirds, singing songs and telling tales”

The illustrations are really well done and the animals are fantastically depicted as they go about their little adventures.

The numbers 1 to 18 follow a pattern with the numbers in groups of three, with a single page for each of the first two numbers and a double page spread for the third, as the conclusion to the little story. The first two numbers set up the joke, with the third serving as the punchline. Numbers 19 & 20 are done slightly differently and provide a nice & funny conclusion to the book.

You do need to see the pictures to understand the words and get the jokes though, so make sure your child can see the pages when you read this together.

I do enjoy a good rhyming picture book that flows off the tongue easily, and this one is really well done. When I’m reading aloud to Georgie and Lydia, I hate stumbling over extra syllables or dodgy pronunciation used to force a rhyme to work. There is none of that with this book, which makes me happy!

Georgie enjoys pointing with her finger and counting up the animals, and even though this is still mostly gibberish past three or four, books like this are really helpful with her counting, and help her to get the numbers in the right order too. Most of our counting books don’t go past 10, so it’s good to have one that goes all the way up to 20.

The wildlife featured in this book aren’t all the usual suspects, with moths, chipmunks, puffins & tadpoles all making an appearance. It’s quite nice to introduce Georgie to some different species!

We give this fun counting book 4 out of 5 stars.

Celebrating Children's Book Week 2013!
Celebrating Children’s Book Week 2013!

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