Review: Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin’ Minnie

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Fisher-Price to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Fisher-PriceProduct: Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin’ Minnie

Price: £49.99 (RRP) – currently available on Amazon* at £39.99

Age Range: 2 years +

Manufacturer’s Description: Minnie loves to cheer Mickey on! Cheerin’ Minnie shows her support with a variety of cheers, phrases, and pom-pom routines. She even sings the hit song “Hey Mickey!” Kids will love to sing and cheer along as Minnie shows plenty of spirit for M-I-C-K-E-Y! Press the button on Minnie’s shoe for over 12 phrases and cheers. 3 pom-pom shaking positions

Rating: (4/5 stars)

Minnie Mouse

Review: Minnie Mouse is an instantly recognisable character for adults and children alike, and this toy from Fisher-Price is as fun and charming as you would expect from Disney’s darling lady mouse.

Batteries are included & already in place, although these power the “try me” feature, with an open fronted box which allows you to play with her in the shop – so keep in mind if you buy this toy from a shelf these first batteries may already be running a little low before you get her. If it’s a Christmas gift, definitely make sure you have spare batteries on hand to ward off tears in case the batteries do run out unexpectedly early! Saying that, our Minnie has had plenty of action in the last few weeks and the batteries are still going strong.

The packaging is almost all recyclable which is really great, and it was fairly easy to get into. A pull tab in Minnie’s side is attached to the box, so she should automatically switch from “try me” mode to full working order when you unpack her. If she is still limited to just two phrases once unpacked, double check to see that the tab has been removed – it will mean looking up her skirt!

Cheerin’ Minnie is operated using the button on the bow on her left shoe. Georgie twigged this immediately – all I had to do was tell her where the button was and she was pressing it non-stop to activate Minnie. She even checked to see if there was a button on the right shoe too!

When activated, Minnie cycles through four different sequences – you can see all of these in the video below. The official blurb says that she has “12 phrases and cheers” and when you count them up it seems to be about right. One of the cheers is the infamous & extremely catchy “Hey, Mickey” song, rewritten a little especially for the hero of the hour, Mickey.

Minnie’s cheers all seem to be in support of Mickey (who is apparently “the cutest!”), although my personal favourite is nothing to do with him at all, and instead is just all about shaking your pom-poms like salt and pepper!

The speaker is hidden underneath Minnie’s skirt at the front, and is loud enough to hear clearly, but not so loud it will drive you insane… a good volume level. The annoyance factor of the various cheers isn’t too high either, although you will get the “Hey Mickey” song permanently embedded into your brain. She seems to be fairly sturdy and has put up with being carried about, cuddled, and even dropped by Georgie quite a bit with no adverse effects.

Georgie, for some reason we can’t quite fathom, has decided to called our Cheerin’ Minnie “Tom” – even though she knows perfectly well that she is “Minnie Mouse” and will refer to her as such if you ask what she is. Ask who she is, and the answer is inevitably Tom. It seems that if Tom is out of the toy box, she gets carried about from place to place and her button pressed regularly, so I think she’s safe to say she has become an accepted member of Georgie’s little toy family!

I made Georgie some pom-poms so that she could join in with Minnie’s singing and dancing, and it is really cute to watch! Lydia adores watching Minnie anyway, but when she saw her big sister joining in too, waving her paper & ribbon pom-poms about in delight, I thought we was going to explode with the excitement.

There are several different pom-pom positions and Minnie does quite a bit of shaking and wiggling, so Georgie thought it was really fun imitating her and trying to follow along with all of the cheers. You can watch some of Georgie’s cheerleading in this video…

Minnie has been great to cheer things up at a grumpy lunch table or distract Georgie from the beginnings of a toddler tantrum, bringing her back to her normal smiley self before the tears appeared.

Lydia will watch Minnie for ages with a huge grin on her face, and loves trying to catch the pom-poms as they wave about. Georgie alternates between planting her in front of Lydia and setting her off, to make her smile, and then picking her up and taking her to a safe distance to play with, whenever she gets worried about her little sister trying to make a grab for her cheerleading friend!

The biggest downside to this toy is the price. It may be literally “all singing, all dancing” but the price tag is quite high, so I would only really recommend it to the biggest Minnie Mouse fans out there.

The girls both really enjoy this Minnie Mouse toy; she is made well and always gets them smiling… but she is limited in functionality and not so small she is easily stored away between play times, which makes me think you could get more fun for your money. Saying that, she would definitely make a fantastic Christmas present for a pre-schooler Minnie Mouse fan, and that could make it worth the price.

Cheerin’ Minnie, aka Tom, gets four stars.

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