Review: Yoplait Petit Filous Pouches

Disclosure: We were given a voucher to buy these Petit Filous pouches to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Product: Yoplait Petit Filous Pouches

Price: 79p per pouch

Age Range: From weaning onwards

Manufacturer’s Description: New Petits Filous pouches are available in three delicious flavours – strawberry, raspberry and apricot. Each pouch has a resealable top making them great for when you’re out and about.
Not only are the pouches great tasting, they also provide calcium and vitamin D which help build strong bones. All yogurts contain calcium, but not all of them have Vitamin D, which helps absorb the calcium. Petits Filous contains both calcium and Vitamin D, which help build strong bones.

Rating: (3/5 stars)

Review: Both Georgie and Lydia really enjoy yoghurts, and a little pot each is usually their normal pudding after dinner. Strawberries are Georgie’s favourite fruit, so she was excited to see the strawberry pouches! We bought one or two pouches of each type so that both girls could try each fruit flavour.

These pouches come in three flavours, raspberry, strawberry & apricot. All three were very much enjoyed by the girls, who declared them to be “yummy-delicious!”

With a screw top lid, these pouches are resealable, which is great for very young children who may not want to eat them in one go. With Georgie and Lydia, however, being resealable wasn’t really a benefit as they gobbled them up in less than a minute or two each time.

The biggest benefit of these pouches, for us, is that they can be eaten without a spoon – and if you can manage to get your child to refrain from squeezing them everywhere before putting it to their mouth (Lydia!!), in a fairly mess-free way. This means you can add them to a picnic, or slip them into a bag for a snack on a day out. I popped two of them into a insulated pouch inside Georgie’s rucksack so they would stay cool.

Georgie and Lydia have been enjoying them in the park…

In the garden…

And on a day out at the Sea Life Centre…

As you can see, they clearly enjoyed all three flavours.

My biggest issue with these is the price. 79p is incredibly expensive for one child sized yoghurt, and to be honest I would rather fling a few teaspoons and a plastic bag in with some pots of yoghurt and deal with the mess.

They have a lot of good points and are very convenient for taking out and about, but I think we would only ever buy these if they were on special offer and we were on holiday and planning a picnic or something along those lines, and even then there are much cheaper spoon-free alternatives. 3 stars.

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