Getting to grips with Gutenberg

Over the weekend James and I were up in Manchester to help out with the set up & smooth(ish) running of the BlogOn conference, and this time around I was also on the schedule to do a talk on the new WordPress block editor, otherwise known as Gutenberg. As promised, I’m sharing my slides here on the blog, complete with a pdf download with added… Continue Reading “Getting to grips with Gutenberg”

WordCamp Localhost shirt

WordCamp London – with the kids!

At the weekend, we went down to London for the annual WordCamp London conference. WordCamps happen all over the world, and are dedicated to all things WordPress! If you don’t know what WordPress is, it is the blogging software that runs this website, and also how I make my money as a self employed web developer. Since James started working at Co-operative Web around five… Continue Reading “WordCamp London – with the kids!”

SSL for self-hosted WordPress

A post for my fellow bloggers… The eagle eyed among you may notice that Mama Geek now has a shiny new Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and a snazzy padlock, thanks to TSOhost now having easy installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates – hurrah! Over on the Blog On blog, I’ve written a how to guide on setting up SSL on self-hosted WordPress blogs, with particular… Continue Reading “SSL for self-hosted WordPress”


How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Part 1)

Hi, welcome to Part 1 of my WordPress MOT blog series, following my recent session on the subject at the BlogOn Conference. Part 1 covers the first few topics of my session; how to “tidy up your blog & quick tips to improve blog appearance”. I hope you find it useful! Please note: these tips are primarily for self-hosted WordPress blogs but some do apply… Continue Reading “How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Part 1)”

WordPress session

How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Intro)

On Sunday I spoke at the fantastic BlogOn Conference, about WordPress, sharing my favourite tips & tricks. I haven’t done any kind of public speaking or presentations since university so it was quite a challenge to get up there and talk about WordPress to all these bloggers! I have been using WordPress for over ten years, building my own sites and tinkering with the code.… Continue Reading “How to give your WordPress blog an MOT (Intro)”

Geeking Out: My favourite WordPress plugins for bloggers

There is nothing quite as annoying as seeing a great feature on a blog and wishing that you knew how to add it to your own, but not having the faintest idea how. So this is me, sharing my favourite WordPress plugins for self-hosted (aka sites, so that you know just how I made Mama Geek the way it is.* If you have any… Continue Reading “Geeking Out: My favourite WordPress plugins for bloggers”

A new look for Mama Geek

It’s been over a year since I started this blog, and it’s about time that it had a facelift! When I started Mama Geek I didn’t do much more than basic customisation of the default twenty eleven theme, and have been messing about tweaking it when the mood strikes me ever since. My old look will be vaguely familiar to a lot of people –… Continue Reading “A new look for Mama Geek”