Getting to grips with Gutenberg

Over the weekend James and I were up in Manchester to help out with the set up & smooth(ish) running of the BlogOn conference, and this time around I was also on the schedule to do a talk on the new WordPress block editor, otherwise known as Gutenberg. As promised, I’m sharing my slides here on the blog, complete with a pdf download with added… Continue Reading “Getting to grips with Gutenberg”

Me speaking at BlogOn

My BlogOn experience – as a speaker

Last weekend, James and I left the kids with his Mum and headed up to Manchester for the weekend, to attend the BlogOn MSI bloggers conference. I had a ticket to the launch party booked, and I had my slides ready – I was, gulp, scheduled to talk to a group of bloggers about WordPress. I felt pretty prepared, and I had a good idea… Continue Reading “My BlogOn experience – as a speaker”