Tsum Tsum Party sign & bag toppers – Free Printable

This is the final instalment of my Tsum Tsum party printables – I’ve shared the colouring sheets and the bunting I made, and here are a few extra fun bits. Today I’m sharing a welcome sign and some bag toppers I designed to make little sticker & puzzle eraser packs for the party bags.

The party sign is pretty simple – just some “welcome to my party” text surrounded by cartoon Tsum Tsums that match the colouring sheets and bunting. Lydia specifically asked me to make this one for her – although hers said “Lydia’s” instead of “my”.

The bag toppers I created so I could make little packs with Tsum Tsum stickers and 3D puzzle erasers in, to split up bigger packets between her guests to go into their party bags. Since the whole party was Tsum Tsum themed, I wanted to give them some Tsum Tsum themed things in their bags of goodies to take home – but buying lots of individual packs gets expensive.

So, I made my own. To do this I bought a couple of packs of stickers*, a box of puzzle erasers, and some little plastic bags to pop them into.

I split up the stickers by cutting the large sheets into smaller sheets and divvying up those & the individual stickers between the bags. Then, I printed the toppers onto thin card, cut them out and folded them over the top of each bag, securing them with a couple of staples. They worked out really nicely – Lydia was delighted with them. The back of each topper says “thank you for coming to my party”.


Tsum Tsum Welcome Party Sign

A Disney Tsum Tsum themed ‘Welcome to my party!’ sign – A4 pdf

Tsum Tsum Bag Toppers

Bag toppers to make gift bags containing Tsum Tsum stickers and/or 3D puzzle erasers. Zip file with two PDFs.

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