Win one of the new GUMIGEM range!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of GUMIGEM teething necklaces – for about 5 months they were all Georgie would use to teethe on, and my collection of three (ok, four) necklaces are still her favourite things to get chomping on… well, those and her lovely Clarks shoes. So, I was incredibly intrigued and quite excited with they announced a new range was being released to complement the existing selection of disc, raindrop, heart & lightning bolt pendant necklaces (read my review of the existing range here).

GUMIGEM Necklaces

The new additions to their line up are admittedly gorgeous; instead of just releasing new pendant designs they have different bead designs as well, and bangles! I think I will have to order a bangle just because we would be able to leave it with Georgie unsupervised, unlike the necklaces with which she obviously has to be watched constantly. The colours are fantastic too.. read on for a selection of my favourites from the new range, and the chance to win one of these fab new products!

Bubba Beads

I love the black set and green set of bubba beads – I named the green one Peapod during their facebook naming competition & they picked my name, woohoo :-D. My prize necklace arrived yesterday and Georgie chewed away happily on it straight away. They are like giant green pearls!



I love the colours of these GumiDrops – they are especially nice with the mixture of colours used for the different shapes of beads. I think these would be perfect with a summer dress at a bbq or something!


Miller Heart Pendant

These are great fun – the stripey one is fab for any lovers of animal print (I’m not usually, but I have a bit of a soft spot for zebras!), and the shape of the pendant is really attractive. I think these necklaces would be perfect with a posh frock for a wedding – I think I might treat myself to one to wear to a friend’s wedding later this year… once I’ve found the perfect dress to wear that is!



These skimmer necklaces look great fun – I love these bright colours and the shape looks great for chewing on.


Bermuda Bangles

These two are such happy summery colours I couldn’t resist picking them as my favourites from the line up of five colours. The shape is nice & unusual – a subtle statement for anyone who loves interesting jewellery and doesn’t want to give that up just because they have a monster chewing on everything!


Bubba Bangles

These two are probably my favourite from the whole of the new range – I love the way they have mixed the colours and I am probably quite likely to buy one of these for special occasions! I don’t wear bracelets or bangles very often but I like to wear them at parties and things. I am completely in love with both of these, I don’t know how I will pick just one to buy!


Win a GUMIGEM of your choice from the new range

To enter this competition to win your choice from the new range of necklaces & bangles, please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget! If you are having trouble working out how to use it, check out the video at the end of this post.

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