A morning with ao.com and Hotpoint

Disclosure: We were invited to this event, and given lunch & a goodie bag for the purposes of this post. We were also given free entry to the Think Tank museum for the afternoon.

A few weeks ago (is it just me or is this summer holiday flying by in a hectic whirl of exhaustion?!?) I was invited to spend the day at the ThinkTank museum with the team from ao.com and Hotpoint, to have some fun and chat about their latest range of anti-allergy appliances.


Our new(ish) washing machine is actually a Hotpoint washer-dryer that we bought from ao.com back in Feb (this one, but in black), and to be honest we absolutely love it. I can wash loads of clothes at once, it has a great energy rating, and when the weather is awful I can stick a pile of clothes in overnight and they will be clean and dry by the morning.

Our hotpoint machine has a load of functions which I love, including being able to wash hand wash only items (including wool!), a child lock (don’t underestimate how great this is with a toddler about), and a fab wash and wear cycle that is perfect for emergencies (like when Lydia coated her favourite toy in suncream but needs him every night to sleep). It also has the anti-allergy rinse option, which we chatted about at the event, and is a neat function to remove dust-mites and other allergens from clothing.

The girls had a great time playing different games & activities at the event, and we made some lovely tissue paper flowers – Georgie and Lydia were definitely of the opinion that more is more when adding pompoms to their flowers! We coloured in some dust mites, went hunting for mites with facts about dust-mites allergies on the back, and played “what’s the time Mr DustMite?” It was a fun morning and the lunch provided was delicious, too!

Some lovely goodies to take home!
Some lovely goodies to take home!
I'm looking forward to trying this one out!
I’m looking forward to trying some of these recipes!

We are now “certified Allergeniuses” after the fun & informative event, and so I thought I would share some tips we learned about reducing the number of dust-mites in your home:

  • Vacuum your mattress when you are changing your sheets – yes, really!
  • Wash curtains regularly – I really need to do this at some point with ours.
  • Wash your bedding at 60 degrees – I was ours at 40 at the moment so I should up that to 60 really.
  • If you have serious allergies then consider removing your carpets & replacing with other types of flooring – if this isn’t possible then you’ll need to vacuum a lot with a high-filtration vacuum cleaner and use a steam cleaner to kill off the mites.

You can find out more about allergies and how to battle them at Allergy Uk and also on the Hotpoint website.

Thanks to ao.com & Hotpoint for inviting us along, and also giving us free access to the rest of the Think Tank museum for the afternoon.

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  1. Ohhh interesting to see the new anti allergy range! Between our family of 4 we have 3 asthmatics, 2 sensitive skins, 2 hayfever suffers and at least 5 allergies – including some random ones such as mushrooms and an ingredient in waterproof sun cream!)
    I had a washer dryer in our old house, now we have just a washer but there’s space for a dryer which I hope to buy soon because I really miss it!

    Emma x

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