What’s in our 2017 Christmas Eve box?

We might not do a lot in the lead up to Christmas other than visiting Santa (no elves here!) but since the girls were tiny we have given them a box of treats on Christmas Eve. This year we’ll be giving them their box after lunch so that they can do some of the activities in the afternoon to keep them busy and quiet! We… Continue Reading “What’s in our 2017 Christmas Eve box?”

Stocking fillers for little girls

Stocking fillers for little girls

So, I have this issue about the “stocking fillers” category on shopping sites, and I get irrationally angry about it. I happily browse the internet for ideas of what to buy in the lead up to Christmas, and click on the stocking fillers link, only to find a bunch of stuff that is WAY TOO BIG to actually fit into your average size stocking. In… Continue Reading “Stocking fillers for little girls”

BlogOn Xmas – tales from the other side

I officially joined the “BlogOn Team” quite a while ago, and have been gradually getting more involved with helping out both at the conferences themselves, with prep beforehand, and with the website. I do most of the graphics and other nerdy things for the conference, so spent the week leading up to the conference designing all the signs, and that sort of thing. This year,… Continue Reading “BlogOn Xmas – tales from the other side”

Losing two grandparents in 32 days

At the start of August, I had four grandparents. I know, it’s not that common for a 30-something to have a full set, but I did. Up until the spring of 2016, the girls had seven great-grandparents. The older generation in our family have done quite well, really. Now, I only have two grandparents. On the 22nd of August, my Grandad, who had been very… Continue Reading “Losing two grandparents in 32 days”

Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye

We first noticed that Lydia’s left eye had a tendency to wander outwards when she was just a toddler, and her monitoring & treatment starting when I stubbornly sat in my GPs office insisting on a referral to get her seen by a specialist. Since then, we have visited the Eye Department at the excellent Birmingham Children’s Hospital 3 or 4 times a year for… Continue Reading “Patching a 4 year old with a divergent squint & lazy eye”

Me speaking at BlogOn

My BlogOn experience – as a speaker

Last weekend, James and I left the kids with his Mum and headed up to Manchester for the weekend, to attend the BlogOn MSI bloggers conference. I had a ticket to the launch party booked, and I had my slides ready – I was, gulp, scheduled to talk to a group of bloggers about WordPress. I felt pretty prepared, and I had a good idea… Continue Reading “My BlogOn experience – as a speaker”