What’s in our 2017 Christmas Eve box?

We might not do a lot in the lead up to Christmas other than visiting Santa (no elves here!) but since the girls were tiny we have given them a box of treats on Christmas Eve. This year we’ll be giving them their box after lunch so that they can do some of the activities in the afternoon to keep them busy and quiet! We… Continue Reading “What’s in our 2017 Christmas Eve box?”

Christmas Eve Box

What’s in our 2016 Christmas Eve box?

We’ve been doing Christmas Eve boxes for a few years now, and it’s become a family tradition we really enjoy. I don’t spend a lot of extra money on them, but instead pop in some things the girls need and some of the treats we would normally buy for special holidays anyway. It’s just a lovely exciting way to package it all up and add… Continue Reading “What’s in our 2016 Christmas Eve box?”

Our 2015 Christmas Eve box!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the excitement in our house is reaching fever pitch! Having two small children in our house makes Christmas such a magical time, and the girls are incredibly thrilled by everything involved; I am really looking forward to the next week. For the last few years, we have given the kids a box of goodies on Christmas Eve (our 2013 box &… Continue Reading “Our 2015 Christmas Eve box!”

Our 2014 Christmas Eve box

Last year we surprised the girls with a box of treats on Christmas Eve, with new PJs and edible treats to munch on over the holiday. This year I’ve put together another box, and here’s what is inside. Almost all of these bits & pieces are things we would have bought anyway either as a matter of course or as Christmas specific treat, just gathered up… Continue Reading “Our 2014 Christmas Eve box”

Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!

This year I thought the girls deserved an extra treat for Christmas, especially since we haven’t really splashed out excessively on  presents for either their stockings or under the tree. So, I decided that I would put together all the little bits and pieces we have collected for Christmas and wrap them up so they have a box of goodies to open on Christmas Eve…… Continue Reading “Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!”