Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!

On Monday we took the girls to meet Father Christmas, and much to Georgie’s approval, his grotto was located on a steam train! We headed to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway to catch one of their “Santa by Steam” trains, and we weren’t disappointed. Georgie was delighted to go for a train ride behind a Big Train, was amazed by all the Christmas decorations, and… Continue Reading “Big Train, Baby Train, and Father Christmas!”

An extra present for James this Christmas – thank you Halifax!

This Christmas the lovely folk over at Halifax decided to share the love and “give people something extra” by sending out vouchers to allow people to buy an extra gift for someone deserving. I was delighted to be invited to take part in this campaign, as a tight budget has made gift buying a challenge for me this year. Yesterday, James & I celebrated our… Continue Reading “An extra present for James this Christmas – thank you Halifax!”

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! As I write this post, the tree has been decorated, and the house has been covered with garlands and draped with gold chains. The presents are sitting beneath the tree, for us to unwrap while we relax in the living room after our gigantic Christmas dinner. I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday, taking some time to relax and enjoy yourselves.… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas!”

Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!

This year I thought the girls deserved an extra treat for Christmas, especially since we haven’t really splashed out excessively on  presents for either their stockings or under the tree. So, I decided that I would put together all the little bits and pieces we have collected for Christmas and wrap them up so they have a box of goodies to open on Christmas Eve…… Continue Reading “Our Christmas Eve Surprise Box!”

Large Festive Wreath

Review: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large

It’s no secret that my favourite chocolate is the delicious milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I adore their selector slabs, and James has to drag me in the opposite direction whenever we are within sight of the HC store in the city centre. I demand ask very nicely for Hotel Chocolat to be my edible treat each birthday and Christmas, and last year James even treated me to one of their advent calendars, which was delicious!… Continue Reading “Review: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large”

Homily’s Christmas Surprise from Pets at Home!

Homily is one lucky dog this year… We were sent a selection of Christmas Gifts from Pets at Home free of charge in order to preview their Christmas range, and Homily couldn’t believe her nose when she sniffed at the box that arrived! Stashed away inside our box we found a fun squeaky penguin (£2), a twisted rope penguin toy (£2), a medium rawhide & munchy dog… Continue Reading “Homily’s Christmas Surprise from Pets at Home!”

Stocking filler ideas for babies & toddlers, £10 or under

While I was on the hunt for the perfect stocking presents for the girls (see what I got Georgie & Lydia) I came across so many lovely ideas, that I thought I would share some of them with you. Here are a dozen stocking fillers that are £10 or under, suitable for babies & toddlers aged between 0 & 3 years. Finger Printing Art Set… Continue Reading “Stocking filler ideas for babies & toddlers, £10 or under”

Georgie’s Dora Advent Calendar

I’m not really keen on chocolate advent calendars for little kids, and so I find the increasing trend of toy advent calendars quite a fun idea. As well as the excitement of counting down to Christmas, your children get to build up a collection of something, which quite often ends up as a nice Christmas scene or similar. Another increasingly popular trend is to collect together… Continue Reading “Georgie’s Dora Advent Calendar”

Our Christmas Wishlist - A dozen gifts that blow our budget!

Our Christmas Wishlist: A dozen gifts that blow our budget!

As I’ve mentioned once or twice already, our budget this Christmas is rather modest. While I think we’ve done quite well with what we’ve had to spend, I can’t help lusting over one or two things that are unfortunately out of reach right now! Here are a dozen gifts I would love to buy for my girls! City Road & Railway Set from Bigjigs Toys… Continue Reading “Our Christmas Wishlist: A dozen gifts that blow our budget!”

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

Under our Christmas Tree: Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

So far this winter I have shared with you the contents of Georgie’s stocking, and of Lydia’s too. In this post, I am going to let you know what will be under the tree for our two girls this Christmas, from their Mummy & Daddy! I’ve already mentioned that we are on a bit of a strict budget at the moment, so I have had to really… Continue Reading “Under our Christmas Tree: Gifts for Babies & Toddlers”

Stocking filler ideas for a 10 month old

Delivery from Santa: A look in Lydia’s stocking, aged 10 months

Last week I posted about the contents of Georgie’s stocking, and here is what I got for Lydia. Our baby girl will be pretty much 10 months old at Christmas time, so I have tried to find small toys that she will find stimulating, fun and soothing to her poor gums! Most of these are small enough to actually fit inside a stocking, an important… Continue Reading “Delivery from Santa: A look in Lydia’s stocking, aged 10 months”