Review: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Hotel Chocolat to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Hotel Chocolat LogoProduct: Hotel Chocolat The Festive Wreath Large

Price: £21.00

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: Inspired by one of the absolute classic flavour combinations of mellow 50% cocoa milk chocolate working in perfect harmony with nibbly cookies and hand cut florentines that beautifully balance the sweetness of the chocolate. Perfect for slicing and sharing with family and friends.

Weight: 450g / 15.9oz

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Large Festive Wreath

Review: It’s no secret that my favourite chocolate is the delicious milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I adore their selector slabs, and James has to drag me in the opposite direction whenever we are within sight of the HC store in the city centre. I demand ask very nicely for Hotel Chocolat to be my edible treat each birthday and Christmas, and last year James even treated me to one of their advent calendars, which was delicious!

When Hotel Chocolat got in touch for me to review one of their Christmas products, I could not have been happier. I was having a bad day, so it was a very nice surprise. We chose this large chocolate festive wreath, and I was in seventh heaven when it arrived.

The Hotel Chocolat delivery packaging was great – a secure & attractive box filled with what I call polystyrene wotsits, holding the wreath safe and sound inside. If you are ordering from the online shop, I don’t think you need to be afraid of your gifts arriving damaged, as this was very well protected. The gift card that came with the wreath was really attractive too.

The Festive Wreath was incredibly attractive, with a lovely high-quality feel to the box it sat in, complete with ribbon to finish off the effect. The wreath was made from Hotel Chocolat’s 50% cocoa milk chocolate, embedded with chunks of cookies and florentines, topped off with little shortbread biscuits. It was really big too; 450g in weight and almost the size of one of our dinner plates.

The creamy chocolate was perfectly balanced with the flavour & textures of the biscuits and caramelised florentines, and each bite was absolutely heavenly! This isn’t a chocolate bar to be scoffed in one sitting on Christmas afternoon; this is a chocolate creation which tastes as amazing as it looks.

We had to use a knife and a bit of elbow grease to break the wreath up into chunks, and the wreath lasted about a week. Apart from an initial taste when I was taking photos (the price of taking photos in daylight!), Georgie didn’t even get a nibble of this wreath. This is one treat for adults, to be taken out after bedtime and delighted in. Chocolate this enjoyable and of such great quality would have been wasted on our little madam!

Georgie the Chocolate Thief!!
Georgie the Chocolate Thief!!

I really enjoyed every bite of my festive wreath and if I had received this as a gift from James I would have been over the moon and my husband would have been firmly in the good books for several weeks at the very least. Each nibble was savoured and the fabulous contrasts of smooth, chewy and crunchy made it interesting to eat, not just yummy.

I give this Festive Wreath 5 stars. James and Georgie haven’t really been able to contribute to this one, as I only allowed them both to have the tiniest bites.. it was mine, all mine!!! Yum. I definitely recommend this to any chocolate lover.