Homily’s Christmas Surprise from Pets at Home!

Homily is one lucky dog this year… We were sent a selection of Christmas Gifts from Pets at Home free of charge in order to preview their Christmas range, and Homily couldn’t believe her nose when she sniffed at the box that arrived! Stashed away inside our box we found a fun squeaky penguin (£2), a twisted rope penguin toy (£2), a medium rawhide & munchy dog… Continue Reading “Homily’s Christmas Surprise from Pets at Home!”

Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Homilydog!

We ate a late lunch at Frankie & Benny’s today before heading home from our holiday in Suffolk, leaving Homily to sleep in the car. Before we even received our starters, however, we realised that we’d left Georgie’s Gruffalo rucksack on the front seat. Georgie has had this rucksack for about a month now; we bought it so that we could free up space in… Continue Reading “Oh help! Oh no! It’s a Homilydog!”

One girl & her dog

I cannot tell you quite how much I love the fact that Georgie is growing up with a pet in the house. I have very fond memories of my childhood with a whole menagerie of animals about the place – we had cats, hamsters, chickens, and more! At one point we even had our very own flock of white doves. Homily, our Norwich Terrier, is the… Continue Reading “One girl & her dog”

Doggy fun day!

After our original plans for this weekend fell through, we decided to check out the Norwich & Norfolk Terrier fun day instead. As regular readers will know, my mother-in-law breeds & shows the walking teddy bears that are Norwich Terriers, and we own one ourselves.. the much-loved and spoiled Homily. The fun day is a yearly event held by the two Terrier clubs for doggy… Continue Reading “Doggy fun day!”

Making the most of the sunshine!

The weather has suddenly turned glorious so James, Georgie & I have been making the most of it and spending lots of time outdoors. It's a shame the timing wasn't better – this weather would have been wonderful while we were in Cornwall, instead of the constant rain we were treated to! We have a furry guest with us this week in the form of… Continue Reading “Making the most of the sunshine!”

What happens when the dog sits next to the baby!

Georgie absolutely loves our little Norwich Terrier Homily, and whenever the dog is stupid enough to sit within arms reach, Georgie happily reaches out her hands and grabs handfuls of fur to pull and play with!   Homily, to be fair, is really very well behaved and puts up with it splendidly! I do get a few suffering looks if the baby pulls a little too… Continue Reading “What happens when the dog sits next to the baby!”