Our day at BRICKLIVE!

Disclosure: we were given press passes to the show for the purpose of this blog post.

Last weekend we headed over to the NEC in Birmingham to go to BRICKLIVE, the UK’s largest LEGO show. To say we were all excited would be an understatement. We are a family of Lego addicts so to be let loose in a huge exhibition hall (make that 2 halls!) full to the brim of Lego was pretty much a surefire way to make us a family of very happy geeks.


We were able to get in at 9am with the Premium ticket holders which meant that it was really quiet for the first hour of the show. We went straight for all the areas that were likely to be more crowded or have longer queues later in the day, with the Lego Dimensions demo first up. Before getting Supergirl a few weeks ago, I didn’t have any golden base Year 2 figures, so I was eager to play with some of the new line up of characters.


We got to play some of the new Ghostbusters stuff which was great fun. The story packs look like they are going to be a really nice addition to the Dimensions line up. Lydia is a fan of the new Gremlin figure – we had to stop her sneaking off with one of them, the little rascal! As for Georgie, I can see I’m going to have to start sharing my collection soon – she may be five but she got right into the game!

Next up we helped build a giant Lego pumpkin by building an orange pumpkin brick, then built Grandma & Grandad’s house out of Lego to go on the Build Britain map. We opted to build their house to go down in Cornwall rather than ours in Birmingham as we figured the Midlands would be getting a bit crowded!


Build Britain - BRICKLIVE

Georgie and James built a tile for the Fairy Bricks mosaic – Georgie enjoyed matching the bricks to the pattern they were given and later in the day we headed back to see the finished mosaic, which looked great – it was very effective. Fairy Bricks also had a tombola supporting their charity, and we had a few goes on that; the girls were delighted with their prizes of minifigs, keyrings and a car polybag.

Fairy Bricks at BRICKLIVE

We found Lego Scooby Doo and did his scavenger hunt, looking around for his big letter stickers on the floor. Georgie and Lydia had great fun spotting the stickers and reading out the letters. They had a great deal on the Blu Ray of the new movie at the show, so we took advantage of that to buy it for the girls.


The girls had a great time joining in with the Lego Friends dancers, building lots of weird and wonderful creations in the various pits of Lego which were seemingly scattered around the show, and checking out all of the Fan Zone AFOL builds, Lego Statues and the Lego Art Gallery. Some of the Fan Zone builds were simply amazing – Beauty & the Beast’s castle was stunning, and so many of the builds were full of astounding detail.

Beauty and the Beast - BRICKLIVE

Fan Zone build - BRICKLIVE

There was a big Lego ship too. When I say big, I mean BIG… on-a-lorry-trailer can’t-get-it-all-in-one-photo-easily big.


We had a mooch around the retail zone as well, bought a Beatles Submarine (yay!) and some other bits & pieces from Toys R Us, and the girls built their own minifigures… Lydia’s is interesting. It’s definitely an unusual combination of body parts, put it that way!

Lego Hulkbuster - BRICKLIVE

Building minifigs - BRICKLIVE

We finished up our day at the Live Stage (while the girls and I enjoyed sharing a Natural Ice drink), watching the Lego Worlds demo, laughing and aww-ing at the Halloween Costume Parade, and then watching the LEGO Dimensions demo which was so cool – the new adventure worlds and levels look really great! We collected enough cards to get a Green Arrow too, which made me a very happy girl.

Lego Dimensions - BRICKLIVE

Here’s a sneak peek at all the goodies we got at the show – a mixture of freebies, purchases and prizes…


We had a brilliant day at BRICKLIVE, all four of us built lots of Lego, loved seeing the different models on show, and really enjoyed all the interactive stuff there was to do on the day. The girls had a great day and we were there from 9am to fairly late in the afternoon before  they were so tired we had to head home. There were lots of places to sit down and eat, drink, relax and of course build lots of Lego!

Check out our video to see more of our day: