Geeking Out: iPhone apps for going out & about with your kids

The smartphone is a wonderful thing, and (in my apple loving opinion) the iPhone is still the undisputed king of smartphones. It’s not just the hardware and sublimely easy to use software that make it the leader in it’s ever-expanding field, but rather the apps.

It’s no secret that iOS apps tend to be better designed and have better features than their equivalent android apps, and there are so many more to choose from too. Here are some of my favourite iPhone apps for going out & about with your little ones:

NCT Babychange & Pampers Out & About – both free

Both of these are quite similar apps, although the NCT app only lists the local baby changing facilities, whereas the Pampers app also includes ‘playing’ and ‘feeding time’ options. You can choose whether to search for any one, two or all three of the types of results though, so if you’re only looking for a place to change a nappy in an emergency you don’t need to be bogged down with other results.

Both apps include the ability to both add on local facilites and to rate existing ones. The apps are both largely “people powered” in that they are hoping for parents to add information about their local facilites so that they build up a great database all over the country.

These are both definitely very useful apps when you are out somewhere unfamiliar!

British Red Cross First Aid – free

It’s obvious why this one is useful to have installed on your phone really! If you’re out of the house and your kids hurt themselves falling off a climbing frame or something, you can turn to this app for helpful advice and treatment instructions. Pair this with a first aid kit in your car boot and you will be prepared for minor emergencies wherever you go!

AroundMe – free

AroundMe is another great app for finding things that are local to your current location – really useful in a strange town! It taps into Google so you get loads of info. I love that it includes things like pharmacies and hospitals as well so that you can always find where to go when you need one.

Starbucks – free

Well, after a day out with your kids I think you’re going to need some coffee! When I’m in an unfamiliar town I like to know where I can buy my favourite drink (which is a mocha, if you’re asking!) – they are also great places to relax and give a baby a feed! There are nearly always suitable chairs to make it a comfy place to rest awhile and fill that baby belly.

My Blogging Toolkit


You never know when inspiration is going to hit you for a blog post (especially when you are out with your kids and they do something hilarious) so I always have the tools at hand to make notes, take & edit photos, and even upload a quick post to my blog. I use Wunderkit to “project manage” my blog – it has general notes, templates, to do lists, ideas of blog posts & so on. Elements is a wonderful bare bones text editor which I use to draft posts on my phone.


Snapseed, Instagram & PicFrame are all used for photo editing – between these three apps I can crop, adjust, add filters, and stitch together photos taken with my iPhone camera and then add them to posts either with the WordPress app or on my laptop. Anything I save to my iPhone camera roll is automatically downloaded onto my MacBook Pro via the magic of Photostream and so any edits I do on my phone are quickly accesible on my laptop when I open it.

The WordPress app was released some time ago and I really recommend it for easy management of your comments on the go, if for nothing else. I actually prefer Blogsy when using my iPad but the post editor on the WordPress iPhone app has definitely been improved recently, and for posting quick photo posts it is actually really good.

So.. there you have it, my essential apps for going out & about with your kids! Hope it’s been helpful 🙂