Review: Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Sit-To-Stand Giraffe Activity Tower

Product: Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Sit-To-Stand Giraffe Activity Tower*

Price: £37.89 (current price on Amazon)

Age Range: 9-36 months

Manufacturer’s Description: Sitting, standing, exploring—there’s so much to discover! Music and lights accompany the fun as baby feeds the giraffe three colourful balls. Watch in amazement as they roll down and around, disappear, then pop out down below! This playful friend will even lend an ear (or two, as easy-grasp handles) to help little ones pull up and stand. Before you know it, the play has a new angle—and the fun’s at a whole new level!

Rating: (1/5 stars)

Review: Before we bought this, it seemed like a really great toy. I got it second hand as part of a massive toy bundle on ebay months ago, and I was looking forward to the day Georgie would be big enough to start sitting up and playing with it, and pulling herself up.

Unfortunately, it has not been a hit at all. She seems to find it quite boring – the only thing she actually really enjoys doing is spinning the ball that is embedded in the top. Plus, it takes up quite a bit of floor space for something that she finds quite boring!

She can’t make a ball go in so she waggles her hand in the mouth instead?!

The balls are slightly too big to be easily posted into the giraffe’s mouth – it requires quite a bit of pressure for the ball to go in and Georgie has never once managed it on her own despite trying lots. She has posted smaller balls in no problem and been quite pleased with the resulting music and watching the ball go round and round, but the fact that she can’t do it with the supplied balls is a bit bonkers.

Worse still, it is incredibly unstable and has tipped over several times, letting Georgie go flying backwards onto her bum with a heavy bump, and to add insult to injury she then has a giant plastic giraffe landing on top of her. Who in their right mind makes a sit to stand toy without making it stable enough for babies to pull themselves up on?

Only one star for this toy I’m afraid… I’m glad we bought it second hand as I would have been kicking myself if we’d paid the full price for this! We have all been rather unimpressed with this one.

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    1. I was amazed that they are selling a sit-to-stand toy that isn't stable enough to actually pull up on! I'm not the only one to have this problem too, I checked other reviews on the internet and other people have had the same issues

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