Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this post is aimed at all those men who have to organise something for the Mums of all the little toe-rags that haven’t quite got the hang of online shopping yet. This year is my first ever Mother’s Day (I didn’t think it counted last year when I was nearly 8 months pregnant!) and I am a little bit excited about the milestone – sometimes I still get a bit overwhelmed that I am, actually, a Mother!

Here are a few suggestions for some Mother’s Day gifts…

For the Mum who is still breastfeeding, there are breastfeeding necklaces, designed to keep your baby safely occupied whilst feeding – instead of constantly de-latching to have a look around all the time, or grabbing handfuls of top/boob/face! I like these offerings from Babybeads-uk and Mama Jewels:


(click the photos for links to the products)

For the Mum who likes the amazing combination of eating chocolate and curling up with a good book, The Chocolate Library might be the answer to your prayers. You can mix & match personalised chocolate bars with a range of great books, and they will even pop them into a gift envelope (for an extra few ££s) for you if you choose to “make your own gift bundle”


(click the photos for links to the products)

And my final suggestion is one of pure adoration – I have absolutely fallen in love with these personalised charm bracelets & necklaces that I discovered today, by Merci Mamam. I think they are just the right balance of sentimentality, fun and style – without being over the top with soppiness or cheesiness as so much of the personalised stuff you can get is. I can’t help myself daydreaming about owning one of these beauties with “Georgiana Alice” engraved on a silver charm! Here are my favourites:


(click the photos for links to the products)

Also, don’t forget to order your personalised mug for just £2 from Truprint as an extra little something… maybe you could serve up her (obviously) well-earned Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed coffee in it!