Review: Babybeads-UK Animal Jingle Necklace – with Giveaway!

Product: Animal Jingle Necklace

Price: £12.00

Age Range: 0+

Manufacturer’s Description: This necklace consists of brightly coloured beads of many different colours, sizes and textures including animal and bells! This necklace would make a fantastic gift for an expectant mum, a baby shower or for your own baby whether breast or bottle-fed. It is suitable for Mums with a baby boy or girl. Wipe clean only. Babybeads necklaces are safety tested to EN 71 ( European toy) standards.

Rating:      (5/5 stars)

Review: James Georgie gave me an Animal Jingle necklace for Mother’s Day and it came at just the right stage of our breastfeeding journey! Georgie was 10 months old and we were having quite a few problems with her grabbing my face or scratching me while she was feeding.

It’s not uncommon for babies to become more & more restless during feeds as they get older, and products like this one can really help make it easier to keep them entertained while they have their snack!

Our first ever feed with the baby beads! Please excuse my terrible hair 😛

As you can see from the photo of our first feed using the beads, Georgie cottoned onto the idea straight away and was having a great time waving them about! I wore my necklace for most feeds after this and her little hand would come up to my neck hunting for the beads to play with.

Before we got the beads, I was able sometimes to give her a toy to play with when feeding at home to distract her from her unintentional mummy bullying. When out & about it was a bit more difficult though, as she would generally throw the toy away at some point and when you’re in a cafe with a babe on your boob you don’t want toys going flying in all directions! This is where the necklace really comes into it’s own – it is safely attached around your neck so it isn’t going anywhere!

The animal jingle necklace I have is really great fun – it has little bells on as well as all different shapes of animal beads, including elephants, teddy bears & turtles. As well as these, there is an absolute riot of coloured beads of different sizes and patterns. The jingling is fun without being too irritating which is an important consideration for long feeders!

Fast asleep after a feed, still holding on!

One of my favourite thing about the necklace is that even when Georgie was holding it or pulling on it, it didn’t become too uncomfortable against the back of my neck. I have a few gumigems which are teething necklaces designed to be chewed, and occasionally during a feed Georgie would pull on the pendant, which would become a little painful on my skin.

Even now we have stopped breastfeeding, Georgie still loves to play with the necklace – she really enjoys wearing it and then wriggling & rolling around to making it jingle. She can put it on herself and likes to look at the different shapes & colours of beads. Obviously this is all done under strict supervision!

Some babybeads gymnastics!

I would love (and am hoping!) to be able breastfeed any further children we have too, so I will be able to use it again, fingers crossed. This one is a really easy 5 stars for such a great product that saved me lots of scratches!

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30 thoughts on “Review: Babybeads-UK Animal Jingle Necklace – with Giveaway!

  1. I don’t really have a goal as such, just to keep feeding both girls for as long as they want to. Lara is showing no signs of stopping at 26 months, and I’m sure Sophia will follow in her footsteps. Could be interesting when number three comes along though…

  2. My Breastfeeding goals are to do my best and to go a little longer next time (I only managed 1 month with my first as I had to express due to him being in an incubator).

    My fave necklace is animal jingle 🙂

  3. Life on the reef is my favourite. My original bf goal was 6 months which we’ve passed now. My goal now is as long as she needs it! X

  4. I have been toying with buying one of these myself, so thanks for the review!

  5. I love the animal jingle necklace it looks cute and like it has lots o keep tinyhands buisy lol 🙂

  6. The toddler mix is great!

    My breastfeeding goal is to make sure I keep my boys on the breast for at least 15 minutes as they get distracted and sometimes lose out on the hindmilk.

  7. My breastfeeding goals this time round will be the same as last time. My ultimate goal was 1 year but ended up going longer than that but I broke that up into 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months etc.

  8. My goal Is to feed wherever without being embarrassed and to go for as long as my baby needs and wants it.

  9. I love the Toddler Crazy Mix which is handy because my breastfeeding goal is feed as long as he needs/wants into toddlerhood

  10. I love the Newborn Stimulation beads, I’ve been fascinated for a while how babies like black, white and red.

  11. My goal was to breast feed for a few months, but after reading several blog posts for breast feeding week I think I’m more inclined to go with the flow now and let my baby boy decide

  12. Love the idea of the beads! My little nursling likes to pull my hair while she feeds which is very ouch!! I am at 11months now and hope to continue for as long as she wants. My first daughter also self weaned at 13 months so am hoping to go a bit longer this time round!
    Have a great holiday!

  13. All the necklaces are fab – it’s hard to choose a favourite but Toddler Crazy works for me and my nearly toddler!

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