Review: Bigjigs Toys Melody Doll

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Bigjigs Toys to be reviewed as we are official Play Patrol agents. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

bigjigsProduct: Bigjigs Toys Melody Doll

Price: £14.99

Age Range: 1 year +

Manufacturer’s Description: With her brightly coloured hair and playful smock, there’s something edgy and fun about Melody. One thing’s for sure, though, she’ll prove a long lasting and loveable companion! All our dolls help to inspire creative role play sessions and develop a real sense of companionship. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials, all Bigjigs Toys conform to current European safety standards.

Rating:      (5/5 stars)


Review: Last week a Very Exciting Package arrived… Georgie’s 2nd Play Patrol mission! We received this gorgeous doll called Melody, and Georgie fell in love instantly.

Melody is a soft doll with traditional style clothes and woollen hair. She comes wearing underwear, a long sleeved t-shirt and a very cute denim dress, all of which can be removed. The dress & t-shirt have velcro fastenings at the back, making it easy for little fingers to do up & undo. Georgie loved undressing Melody and I had to keep sneakily putting her clothes back on when Georgie was otherwise engaged, so that the poor doll didn’t have to spend her whole life naked!

In fact, it’s been quite difficult getting photos of the doll as Georgie has insisted on taking her new “Loddy” to bed with her every afternoon for her nap, and at bedtime too. Melody even got to read the bedtime story with us!

Melody was given a tour around the garden, even getting a go on the swing and seesaw! It was lovely watching Georgie’s imagination at work as she sat her new friend in her toy pushchair for a tour of the patio, and for some reason steps, then proceeded to give her a go on all her play equipment.

I followed the pair of them around the garden with my camera, and allowed her to play unprompted and uninterfered with, giggling with amusement the entire time.

This doll is a lovely size, perfect for Georgie to carry around and sit in her lil’ cushi tush (a toy baby seat which is the miniature version of Lydia’s baby seat), as well as being great for toy pushchairs – which all seem to be around the same size, whichever brand they are.

If these pictures haven’t been enough to convince you that Georgie is utterly devoted to her new “Loddy”, check out this conversation we had:

Me: What have you got there? (as she tears off her prized new doll’s clothes, which hold up remarkably well under her hefty tugs in random directions)

Georgie: Loddy! Dress!

Me: Do you like your new dolly?

Georgie: Yes! Loddy!

Me: Do you love her?

Georgie: Yes! Love Loddy! Loddy, milk!

Georgie then proceeded to pretend to breastfeed her (now naked) doll and then feed her a chunk of flapjack. What a caring mummy she is…

As you can see, Melody is an absolutely lovely doll and would be perfect for a first birthday present. At £15 it’s the perfect price for a friend’s baby and I would definitely buy one of these as a gift.

It is really nice for Georgie to have a traditional style doll with a completely soft body, and I think the wool hair is really nice, especially when so many of the dolls in the shops these days either have very synthetic hair or none at all, on their plastic heads.

The doll itself seems to be very well made, and is of the same very high quality that I have come to expect from all Bigjigs Toys products. We have only had the doll for a week but Georgie has really put her through her paces, and she still looks as great as she did when Georgie pulled her excitedly from the parcel.

You only have to look at the photos of Georgie with this doll to see that she really loves it, and as she is the Play Patrol agent in this house her opinion in this matter is obviously the most important! It just has to be 5 stars for this lovely doll.

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  1. ah so cute but the health and safety brigade will have you for not strapping her in on the swing seat and on the see saw. shame on you LOL

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