Review: Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Collectibles

Disclosure: This product was sent to us free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, as per my disclaimer, this review represents our honest opinion of the product.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Product: Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Collectibles

Price: £4.99 per twin pack

Age Range: 3 years+

Manufacturer’s Description: The Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Pets are tiny 1.5-inch collectible versions of the original Palace Pets. Collect all your favourite characters including; Blondie, Lily, Pumpkin, Seashell and many more.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: We were sent two Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Collectibles twin packs to review; Blondie and Lily, and Treasure and Bibbidy. Each pack costs £4.99 and you get two small pets in each, measuring around 1.5 inches high.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Each mini pet belongs to a different Disney Princess, and there is an accompanying (free!) iPad app which Georgie really enjoys playing with too.

The tails and heads of each pet can be moved around and they each stand up quite easily without falling over.

Georgie and Lydia have been having a lot of fun with these little pets, and Georgie in particular has been loving them. Having been told that they are “hers” and not Lydia’s, she has taken full possession and really enjoys putting them to bed, taking them to pretend school, and generally playing a lot of imaginary and role playing style games with them. Georgie is really imaginative at the moment and these little toys have slotted into her little world of make-believe very nicely.

She makes up different nonsensical names for each of them all of the time, and even brought them along on holiday with us, which is pretty special as we only allowed the girls to choose a few toys each, as Grandma and Grandad are well kitted out for little children visitors! These have definitely been a hit.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The funniest thing about these is that having been told on their arrival that they are “Disney Princess Palace Pets,” Georgie refers to them as that 99% of the time – it’s quite a mouthful to be dropped into the middle of a sentence! It is not unusual to see Georgie running past clutching the four of them in her hands (their small size makes it easy to carry multiples at once), while calling out “it’s time to put my Disney Princess Palace Pets to bed, come on Disney Princess Palace Pets, bedtime, aww, they’re so cute!”

There are 12 pets pictured on the back of the packaging to collect, and if Georgie is still enjoying them as much as she is now, come Christmas time, I think another twin pack would make a perfect addition to her stocking.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

At £4.99 for two these are a little expensive for what you get, but the iPad app which goes nicely with them is free, and Georgie does love them… 4 stars.

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