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Disclosure: This product was given to me free of charge by Sweet Dreamers when I chatted to them at the Baby Show. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Sweet-Dreamers-logoProduct: ewan snuggly

Price: £9.99

Age Range: suitable from birth

Manufacturer’s Description: Happy and well rested babies love their ewan snuggly®. Our new baby comforter has supersoft snuggly plush and silky fabrics, knotted legs for fingers to explore and Velcro tail to secure a dummy or teether and help keep it close by. Better still the snuggly® fabric can easily absorb mum or dad’s comforting scent to provide extra reassurance and security for baby as they drift off to sleep.

The ewan snuggly® is just the right size for tiny hands to hold and is perfect for cuddling at any time of day. The snuggly® is a great ‘add on’ product for the ever popular ewan the dream sheep® and with growing interest amongst parents, it looks like the snuggly® is set to become a ‘must have’ for little ones who already cuddle up with ewan®!

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Ewan Snuggly

Review: Last year at the Baby Show I stopped to chat with the lovely Lynda, inventor of our beloved ewan the Dream Sheep. While we were talking, Lynda was kind enough to give Lydia her very own ewan snuggly. This little ewan was an instant success, with Lydia cuddling it to herself straight away when I unpacked it at home.

Since then, Lydia has slept with her ewan snuggly every night, and he is now essential for a good night’s sleep. Lydia is a thumb sucker, and so she snuggles ewan to herself with both hands clutching him, with one of her thumbs firmly planted in her mouth – and sometimes the tip of one of his legs too!

This little ewan is super soft and snuggly, with knotted silky velvety legs attached to his plush body. The ewan comforter is quite slim and can be easily tucked into a bag for napping out and about. ewan’s tail is a velcro loop which you can use to attach a teether or dummy to, so that your baby can find it easily in the night.

When Lydia is put to bed and is being rebellious, instead of settling within 2 or 3 minutes as she normally does, she will drop her ewan dream sheep and/or snuggly out of the cot. This stops her from getting to sleep, and I have to go back into her room to put them in her cot again, as she really finds it difficult to sleep without them!

A few nights ago Lydia was crying when she should have been sleeping, and when I went into the room she was pressed up against the side of the travel cot she has been sleeping in. ewan snuggly was lying on the floor a few inches from the got, and Lydia was lying there distraught, with her face and hands all as close to her beloved snuggly as she could get them. When I picked her up and passed her ewan snuggly, she clutched him to her lovingly and didn’t let go throughout her feed and was still holding him tight as I lay her down in the cot.

I think £9.99 is a fair price for this wonderful snuggly toy, and Lydia clearly loves hers. This is one toy we’d be replacing if we ever lost it!

5 stars for the lovely ewan snuggly.

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    1. The little snuggly comforters are quite affordable and Lydia really loves hers. He is the perfect companion to her dream sheep 🙂

    1. Ewan is fantastic! He is probably the product I recommend to new mums the most. This little snuggly is a great accompianment to the dream sheep 🙂

    1. He is never far away from her hands when she is in her cot, and she is fab when I’m feeding her and she’s being fractious

  1. what a fab idea!! so does your little one still need ewan the dream sheep to fall asleep or is she happy with the new smaller cuddly version? x

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