Review: Heinz Baby Breakfast Range

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Heinz Baby to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Heinz-Baby-LogoProduct: Heinz Baby Breakfast Range

Price: Smooth Creamy Oat Porridge, £2.15. Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti, around £1.99. Ready-to-eat Breakfast Pots, around £1.09.

Age Range: 4 months+

Manufacturer’s Description: Smooth Creamy Oat Porridge. It contains key nutrients, including calcium and Vitamin D for normal bone growth and development. Made with baby-grade cereals, Heinz breakfast cereals are a great start to your baby’s day. They now contain inulin, prebiotic nutrients that help support healthy digestion by encouraging “good” bacteria in your baby’s stomach to thrive. 0.8g of dietary fibre is required for a prebiotic effect. 20g of cereal contains 0.4g of dietary fibre (inulin).

Heinz Six Cereals Breakfast Biscotti are finger biscuits specially made for children, with six baby-grade cereals and fortified with vitamins and minerals including iron which helps healthy brain development. Along with your baby’s usual milk, they make a great start to the day.

Our Ready-to-eat Breakfast Pots are lovely hot or cold! They come with our “Goodness Locked In” promise, which gives you the confidence they’re packed with the good stuff, such as calcium for strong bones. Available in Creamy Oat Porridge, Banana and Apple Muesli and Very Berry Porridge, they contain no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Rating: (4/5 stars)


Review: We were sent these breakfast items to review just as we were moving house, so one particular aspect of the Heinz Baby breakfast range was appreciated straight away – the convenience of some of the products. The ready-to-eat breakfast pots and biscotti, in particular.

The creamy oat porridge is a fairly bog-standard baby porridge, packed with added vitamins and goodness for your baby to have a good start to the day. Lydia enjoyed it very much, although she preferred when we make it up a bit thicker than the basic guidelines. We have bought other baby cereals from the Heinz Baby range and she has enjoyed everything we have tried.

I do prefer to give Lydia baby cereals at the moment, rather than basic adult cereals like I do with Georgie. The salt levels are lower, as are the sugar levels. It’s good to know that she is getting so many good vitamins and so on in her breakfast too.

The six cereals biscotti was a tremendous hit, and I have tried to keep some in stock since we received our first box. Both our girls went mad for these, and will happily chomp one down. They are ideal for handing over to seemingly starving children first thing, giving you a moments peace to get the rest of their breakfast ready. A breakfast starter, perhaps? And much better than an “adult” biscuit, with their blend of 6 grains and 8 key vitamins.

The biscotti are packed well inside the box, and you get a decent amount of biscotti at once. There are two thick foil packets in each box, with each packet containing 16 biscotti, protectively wrapped in corrugated cardboard. Unlike Heinz’s smaller packets of biscotti, we have never found any broken inside the boxes, and the thick foil packets keep them fresh and crisp. I usually pay around £2 for a box and that seems like great value when you consider how many biscotti you get in there.

The ready-to-eat breakfast pots were a bit of a life saver at times, and are incredibly convenient to take around with you if you are leaving for a long journey early in the morning, or simply want to be able to give you baby a good breakfast when you are staying overnight somewhere.

Although Lydia enjoyed these pots, I found the gloopy texture a bit strange! Her favourite flavour was the Very Berry Porridge, closely followed by the Banana & Apple Muesli. I get the feeling she might not have eaten all the Creamy Oat Porridge pot if she hadn’t have been really hungry – it smelt a lot more bland than the other two pots.

At roughly £1.09 for two pots you are clearly paying a lot per breakfast meal when you buy this product, but you are buying convenience after all. I wouldn’t rule out buying these in future if we needed to give Lydia a good breakfast and didn’t have any way to keep milk chilled wherever we were staying

Heinz Baby have refreshed their logo and packaging too, and I like it. This new style is bright and friendly, and all the important information is easy to find and displayed in clear language. 

We give this range 4 out of 5 stars. The value for money varies quite a bit, but the products themselves are very good – a great way to ensure that your baby is getting a good start to the day.