Review: Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Koo-di to be reviewed, as part of my role as a Koo-di Ambassador. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

Koo-di logoProduct: Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat

Price: £12.99

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: This Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat is ideal for parents when bathing their baby. The anti slip surface and soft padding is kind to the knees making it the perfect protection for your knees whilst bathing your baby. The non-slip base ensures the mat stays in place and it’s quick drying making it mildew resistant. This kneeling mat makes bath time a more comfortable experience and comes complete with a hanging hook for easy storing and drying.

Rating: (5/5 stars)

Parent Kneeling Mat

Review: The second item in my box of goodies from Koo-di & PurFlo as a brand ambassador, is this parent kneeling mat for the bathroom. I was so pleased to receive this item – what a fantastic idea!

The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat is made from Phthalate free EVA, and dries really quickly after bath time. It is decorated with the infamous Koo-di Polka Dots, making it bright and colourful – fun stuff. As with all of the Koo-di Polka Dots products, the design makes it gender neutral.

The mat is a generous size, and is nice and thick to give you plenty of padding between your knees and the floor. On the back of the mat is a hook so you can hang it up to dry, or store out of the way.

I have had a dodgy knee for a few years after I hurt it in a bad fall, and it can often hurt when I am kneeling on hard surfaces. I have used a towel on the bathroom floor before, to give me some relief, and even an old pillow when it was really hurting – but they would always get soaked thanks to the girls’ enthusiastic bathing activities! This kneeler is a much more practical solution.

We are currently staying with my parents until our house purchase completes, so my Mum is helping out a lot with bath times. Mum (aka “Grandma”) agrees with me that the mat is very comfortable and that it’s a great product. The Koo-di bath time range recently won a Progressive Preschool Award and it’s not hard to see why, with products like this one in the range. We are using it at every bath time and I certainly feel a lot more comfortable.

Lydia likes to stand on it too, so she can peer into the bath and wait impatiently for it to fill!

I am able to join in a lot more with bath time fun as well, when using the mat – and be closer to the kids in case of slips etc. When my knee is hurting badly I have had to sit on the toilet lid (or stand up) during bath time in the past, which has meant I have been at a different height to the girls while they play in the bath – with a lot less interaction happening. I love to be down at their level and be having fun with them, without my knees bothering me!

At £12.99 for something you will use daily for years and be grateful for each time, this kneeler is a no brainer for me. I will certainly be recommending this product to other parents with babies and toddlers.

5 stars!