Review: Kokuyo Harinacs Medium 6 Sheet Staple-less Stapler

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge by Kokuyo to be reviewed. However, as per my PR info disclaimer, this review is my unbiased honest opinion of the product.

kokuyo_logoProduct: Kokuyo Harinacs Medium 6 Sheet Staple-less Stapler

Price: £9.95

Age Range: n/a

Manufacturer’s Description: You’ll never need to buy a pack of staples again with the Harinacs ‘staple free stapler’ by Japanese stationery brand, KOKUYO.

This innovative and quirky product comes in two sizes and in a range of vibrant colours. Unlike standard staples it punches a slit into the paper, binding a number of sheets together securely, without the need of a metal stapler. Quick and clever!

Rating:  (4/5 stars)


Review: When this product arrived for review, as part of my role as a National Stationery Week blogger, I was a mixture of sceptical and excited. It sounded fab, a stapleless stapler – but could it be too good to be true?

I used to use a stapler every single day at my old admin job and have many not-so-fond memories of running out of staples, or having to pick them out in order to shred some files. The idea of a gadget that both never runs out & doesn’t cause problems with shredding sounded great to me – things only a lowly paper pusher can truly appreciate I think!




When I tried this out I was delighted. The way that it cuts and folds the paper is absolutely ingenious. It snips out a sort of fat arrow shape, which is then folded over and pushed through a slit to bind the papers together. 

The papers are held together really well and although the stapler says it will do up to 6 sheets I did manage several more sheets of our everyday printer paper. Because there isn’t any little bits of metal involved, stacks of “stapled” paper sit flat, without that annoying lumpy corner effect a stack of regularly stapled papers get.





As all the action happens within the slit and there is nowhere for little fingers to get trapped (or accidentally stabbed by a bit of metal) I would feel entirely comfortable with Georgie and Lydia using this gadget to bind paper together. It is ideal for projects like making paper chains, which usually involves sellotape (fiddly), gluing (messy and often ineffective), or stapling (in which case the adult ends up doing all the work and you use up an entire pack of staples).

As for the quality of the staple-less stapler; it feels great in your hand, it feels solid and the mechanism is smooth. Nothing about feels like it is flimsy or is going to break in the next five minutes. 

One downside is that once something is “stapled” it’s not very easy to get undone, trying to undo it will sometimes rip the paper further, and it does cut holes in your papers. As such, it isn’t going to replace your stapler completely, given that it isn’t suitable for all papers or uses.

4 stars for this incredibly clever gadget! 

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  1. This looks like such a great gadget, so much safer than a stapler but I would love to be able to undo the ‘staples’ more easily x

  2. very clever idea! we have lots of staplers in the house but we always run out of the staples!

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